Blacks vote For The Party That Hates Them

This is not a rant but a serious question. Most people that are not Democrats would really like to know why it is that Black people mostly vote Democrat. There must be some reason that Blacks would vote for wealthy White people that fought to keep them in slavery and then once free fought hard to keep them from having rights.

The civil war was not exactly over slavery. It was over states rights. The Southern states felt the Government was overstepping their authority by telling states what to do. Slavery was the biggest event that could be used to fight against the Fed overreach.


So On To Who Did What To Blacks

In the first place contrary to popular belief and Liberal white washing of history White people were not the slave traders.

Only 6% of the slaves that were sold by Blacks in Africa to the slave traders came to the United States. the rest went to other lands.

The slaves were bought by western European traders from Black African traders who kidnapped them or got them from tribes who took them in battle or obtained them in other ways.
Portuguese were the original slave traders from Europe. Others later joined in including Britain.

I am giving you a link to information that is real facts about slavery and trading. Go here slavery link and read up.

Blacks blame all White people for slavery without the slightest idea of who were the slave traders. They know not that these non Caucasian slave traders also brought White people here as slaves from Europe.

Blacks do not understand the truth because Democrats are very skillful at brainwashing. They knew that impoverished people suffering a very hard life after slavery ended were easily susceptible to influence.
This is why people in ghettos are so easily drawn into gangs and such. It is why ISIS recruits from Muslim immigrant hoods where .people are desperate.

So you Black people need to stop blaming White people for slavery since your Black African people grabbed up your ancestors and sold them to slave traders much like Africans still have slaves today.

I am not trying to attack you but am just laying out the truth so you can see that you have been lied to or are mis informed about things.

Okay then on to why I say you are crazy for supporting Democrats

I am keeping this basic with no hard stats or other stuff.

  1. Republicans decided that slavery was wrong. They outlawed it.
  2. Democrats said “oh hell no “
  3. Southern states decided Feds had no right to tell them to free slaves and take their cash cow away.
  4. Democrats and I would assume some republicans in South said “we will make our own country”
  5. The north which was Republicans and Democrats I assume that wanted slavery ended declared war to keep the states part of the union.
  6. 350 thousand soldiers in the North died to free the slaves. Mostly White Republicans.
  7. 250 thousand soldiers from the South died fighting to keep slavery alive. Democrats and probably some sick Republicans.
  8. The North wins and slaves are freed.
  9. The Democrats are scared shitless because millions of pissed of people they treated like shit are now free. They are worried of retaliation. Slaves are now free but how do they take care of themselves? maybe by murdering the slave holders and taking their stuff. Rightfully so if they did.
  10. Democrats need to put fear into blacks so they do not get the idea to attack the prior slave holders. They steal the identity of the KKK and turn it into a racist hate group to terrorize blacks. ( Yes the KKK was a group of out of work men that gathered at the corner building and played checkers and talked about the news of the day. They were not the racists. Democrats stole their name and used it for evil).
  11. The civil rights act. Blacks were not citizens yet. I am sure you know the terrible treatment they endured. In 1968 the civil rights act was enacted by congress. This was not without opposition. Who opposed giving Blacks the right to be full citizens?
    Well let us look at the voting in the congress to find out.Oh, who championed the civil rights act? Popular nonsense says Kennedy or Johnson. Well mis informed black people. the Democrats did not do it. Republicans championed the first bills to give Blacks civil rights in 1957 and 1960. Who would have thunk it? Republicans fighting for Black rights against Democrat opposition

    The first civil rights bill was a Republican bill in 1857

    The act of 1957. Senate chamber : Democrats 29 yes votes 18 No . Republicans 43 Yes votes 0 that is ZERO no votes.

    If you want to know who voted what go to Gov Track US and take a look.

    The 1964 civil rights bill was an extension of Republicans 1957  and 1960 bills.

    In 1964 Some Democrats and some Republicans refused to vote yes. It was a hard battle. Democrats including Al Gore’s Father ( Democrat) fought against it and voted no. The great Senator Robert Byrd ( Democrat) of West Virginia who has schools, streets, buildings  etc all over Virginia named after him Filibustered it for 14 hours and voted no.

  12. It ultimately passed. To cut this short 70% voted yes after being talked into it in lengthy battle by other Dems.
    80% of Republicans voted yes.

    This Is The Vote :
    Democrats in House :
    96 Voted NO
    Republicans in House
    34 Voted NO
    These numbers were of course larger no votes for members from Southern states.

    Since Dems like to quote Politifact as a source. Here is what they had to say:
    “The degree of Republican support for the two bills actually exceeded the degree of Democratic support, and it’s also fair to say that Republicans took leading roles in both measures, even though they had far fewer seats, and thus less power, at the time,” PolitiFact said in a 2010 analysis of the GOP role in civil rights.


According to Congressional Quarterly, “Although the Democratic-controlled Congress watered them down, the Administration’s recommendations resulted in significant and effective civil rights legislation in both 1957 and 1960 – the first civil rights statutes to be passed in more than 80 years” (“The Republican Party 1960 Civil Rights Platform,” May 1964). It reported on April 5, 1963 that, ” A group of eight Republican senators in March joined in introducing a series of 12 civil rights bills that would implement many of the recommendations made in the Civil Rights Commission report of 1961.”

13. After Democrats lost their bid to keep Blacks oppressed the light bulb went off in their head. They knew their party of oppression was dead. They would be attacked by voters for refusing to give rights to Blacks. So they devised a plan. tTurn the table and convince Blacks that Republicans were the racists and Dems were their saviors.

14. this as I already stated worked because of the desperate situation Blacks were in. Couple this with the rage of a new generation of kids that were eager to be angry for any cause and Dems brainwashing takes hold.

15. The plan is the same as all plans of it’s kind. Dems plan socialism. Socialism despite Bernie moron supporters beliefs is rich stay rich and all others are impoverished. They did a good job. They got Blacks in ghettos and did absolutely nothing to help them. They continue to do this. Food stamps, public housing …. telling Blacks they can’t be anything because White people are racists and will not allow it. Republicans are their enemy.
Meanwhile Blacks in ghettos controlled by Democrats for the last 50 or so years are still impoverished. Crime is rampant. Dems continue to blame Republicans and for some unknown reason Blacks go for it.

Hey, who the hell is in charge of your hood? Is it a Republican? has your life improved in the last 50 years?

Why is it that in White hoods there is far less crime and poverty?
Because they are not ran by your oppressors , that is why.

16. Dems have nothing to offer you. you have no jobs or good schools because they stop it from happening. They had President , House and senate for 8 years yet you got nothing but Obama and friends saying you need more welfare. Why? because you are useless and can’t take care of your self or be educated because White people hate you.

Ever wonder why it is that you are not the victims of violence by Whites? Because we do not hate you. This is another lie that you believe and who knows why since it comes from rich White people.

17. Dems must have social unrest so they can implement socialism. This is why they constantly scream racist over shit that has nothing to do with racism. They need us to hate each other. The first order of socialism is to have unrest. Happy educated people with good jobs can’t be fooled into socialism.

18. They promote violence. Very bad for all of us. they say thugs are justified in killing cops because they are angry at other cops. Well , that is nice. If your mad at someone just go kill someone else that has the same job.
Be real nice if some people were mad at a politician and decided to kill some Democrat congress members. Bet they would have a different opinion then.

19. Dems are racist and violent and never stop promoting it. Does a day go by that they are not harping on race related stuff?
Don’t we have more important matters to tend to ?

How about jobs, security, terrorism ? All Dems want to do is stir up hate where there is none.

20. All this nonsense about civil wear statues. They have somehow made this a Republican racist thing. These statues are important. they remind us not to go back there.
Dems pay via proxy i.e. Socialist Soros, domestic terrorist groups like ANTIFA and racist hate gangs like BLM to commit violence and pretend it is because they are fighting racism.
So some “nazis” show up to protest taking down the statues. The Dems say these people are the republicans. NO THEY ARE NOT !

Nazis were liberals. They hold the same values.

So maybe these racists vote Republican but you do not know that. I bet some vote Democrat and some other.

Who cares ? Republicans do not condone their racist behavior.

They are white but that does not mean they represent White people or Republicans.

21. Dems support taking away free speech. They say it is okay to attack with violence people you do not agree with. Juan Williams stated on FoxNews that the violent antifa people who went to protest in Va with baseball bats were “patriots ” because they were trying to kill people they think had un American values. WTF ? 

Since when is violence against a person you do not agree with a patriotic act?

Our military soldiers are patriots. By Democrat standards they should be killing everyone in almost every country as they do not share our American values.

Democrats promote violence and justify it by calling it patriotism.

We are Americans. We do not stoop to the level of terrorists. If we do not like what a person says we speak out against them. We do not try to kill them.

I am done. I could go on for hours.

You tell me why you support these evil wretches that are only building wealth on your poverty and stirring up hate.

Feel free to comment or if you are of the article writing type go ahead and write one and email it to me and I will post it as a reply.

Tell me , Why do you support Democrats that hate you ?

Oh, I might add in that these “nazis” are .03% of the population. This is a Democrat invented fake problem.
Realize that .03% is like 1 person going to NY city and saying ” I am taking over. I will kill all the jews and blacks”.
Are you going to fear this guy ? I doubt it. So where is the real fear and danger from a handful of racists that do not even get violent because they are out numbered?

This is just more Democrat strategy to stir up hate and fear. Think! Is anyone really scared of these guys? Do you really think these guys are spreading their word and bringing in the masses to their cause?

No, they are a few people and no one is listening to them. Dems want you to think they are a mighty force that is recruiting all the white Republicans to join their army.
Dem fake racist crap to promote hate between races.