Got a Lot Get a Lot

I am going to put this in a more modern form so it is easier to understand properly. Hey, you know I ain’t your Grand Daddy’s preacher ! I will mix it up to get the word out there to the people in need so you know what the law of use is and how to make use of it.

Jesus said that to those who have a lot of cash or goods, what ever it may be, they will be given more. An abundance of wealth shall be bestowed upon them.

Why? Because they have plenty now and as you know the rich just get richer.

Jesus also said that those who have nothing will have that taken away from them. Huh ? How can Jesus do something like this? Take away everything from someone who has nothing to begin with ? Is this not like taking a homeless persons coat so he now freezes in the streets he lives on ?

No it is not. For this is misunderstood. Allow me to explain…


A story is in order

A man who is CEO of great corporations has to go to do business in another part of the world. he decides that while he is gone he will test some employees to see who he should promote. There were three being considered for promotion.

The first man he gave 1000 dollars to. he told him to take care of his money until he returned to get it.
The second man he gave 500 dollars to and told him to take care of it until he returned to get it.
The third man he gave 250 dollars to and told him also to take care of it until he returned to get it.

Now here is what happened to his money while he was gone:

The first man bought a bunch of goods in the USA and sold them overseas. He then took his profits from that and bought more goods and sold them from there back to the USA. He made a great profit doing this with his CEO’s money even though he knew it was risking the money.

The second man took the money and invested in the stock market. He bought and traded stocks and and invested well and made a great profit using his CEO’s money even though he knew it was risking the money.

The third man knew his CEO was a very slick business man and did not put up with any kind of nonsense. He took his money and put it in a safe so that nothing would happen to it thereby assuring that he would not be fired for the money coming up missing.

When their CEO came back to town he came for his money

He asked the first man if he still had it. The man said ” Yes, in fact I have made you a great profit by buying and selling goods with your money”.
The CEO said ” That is good. You have taken good care of my money. I will make you the president of one of my companies”.

He asked the second man about his money. The man replied ” I have made you a great profit by investing in the stock market”.
The CEO said” You have taken good care of my money and I shall make you the president of one of my companies”.

He asked the third man about his money. He told the CEO that he had guarded his money well and made sure nothing happened to it by putting it in his safe”.

The CEO was not happy, he took his money back and fired the man saying ” You did not take good care of my money. You had nothing to begin with and now I take that away from you”.

So you are thinking this is a real jerk here. How can he do something like that. Well the same way Jesus did. There is a lesson here that most do not see when they read that verse in the bible.

It is the Law of Use
If you are given something great then you should use it to make more greatness for you and others. God gives you the greatest gift in the world and if you just sit on it and do nothing with it he will take it away from you.

When you ask for God’s help in some matter he may not just come down and sit on your couch and tell you ” Hey go do this”.
It is going to be a bit more like a thought you have, a notion, and you have to pay close attention to the hint.
If you do not act on the hint then it will be taken away and you will be worse off than you were before as now you have no help in the matter.

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The Grand Moral

Moral of the story is: Use what the Lord gives you and make good use of it and you will prosper. { Give and you shall receive } is a good example of this. Even if you have but a little and are barely surviving you can give and that little you have that you gave up will be returned to you in a great profit.
If you do not give then it will surely be taken away from you. This does not mean that God will make sure you lose everything and starve to death in an alley. It simply means that you will not gain anything and will lose all by way of losing God’s gift to you and the profit you would have seen.

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