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Facebook is Now Shit Book | by Rev Marcus Killion

Facebook changed their name to Shit Book

A much more appropriate name for a Liberal shit site . You can be assured that Shit Book will never allow any free speech from anyone who is not a Liberal or non White. You can safely threaten White people or any Republican without fear of being put in Facebook jail.

You can post your violent videos depicting blacks or latinos assaulting or murdering Whites or your favorite video of a politician being attacked. Feel free to make threats or offer bounties or rewards to people who will commit violence against the non Liberals. Don’t worry we only report Republicans to the authorities !

Here at Shit Book we will make sure all Liberals have a wonderful time being the violent haters that they were born to be without any reprisal from the racist dreaded Republicans. We are committed to making our Shit Hole a place where no White Republicans can say anything that is not absolutely positive about any Liberal no matter what the Liberal has done.

Got a video of a big black ghetto thug beating the shit out of a White lady in a place of business ? Great ! Post it ! We will do our best to make sure everyone sees your wonderful video.

Got a video of a White person beating a black ? Well you better not post here or we will delete your post, suspend your account and put you in Shit Book jail and turn you in to the authorities for your hate crime. Shit Book will not tolerate any videos or words against non Whites no matter what the non White did.