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Trump 2005 tax return

Trump Tax Return on Rachel Mad Cow Show | Rant This

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Impeachment is Warranted

A couple things going on here..
This horrendous content may not be suitable for children . Rachel the mad cow apologizes for showing it but says the disgusting truth must be put out to the public.
First – OMG ! The crime of the century has occurred. We must repeal and replace Trump now! Impeachment is warranted for sure.
Just in BREAKING NEWS ! Trump tax return is shown on the Rachel Mad Cow Show . The fiery lying lesbian liberal { LLL} with a lousy mad attitude {LMA} i.e. incurable diseases , has just shown the damning evidence to prove that Trump is unfit to hold office.
Behold his 2005 tax return !
Well 2 pagers of it, but it proves he is a horrible person and a major criminal. Watch the video Rachel so heroically posted even though she knows her life could be in danger for defying the evil Trump. Woops , that is Clinton that seems to have all his foes come up dead. My bad.
Anyway watch this Revealing Video That proves Trump is up to no good.


  1. He worked hard and smart to make a great income of $150 million ( illegal under liberal law unless you are a liberal elite )

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