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I’m Willin’ Just Give Me Weed Whites & Wine | Rev Marcus Truck Driving Mother Fucker

Driving Life For Your Living 



Willin by Little Feat – Give me weed whites and wine and show me a sign .. truck driving before liberal loser assholes stuck their no knowing asses into our business Willin by Little Feat

Not the original but the Black Crows are so good …. Willin’

Driving the back roads so I wouldn’t get weighed. Do it everyday still.


People driving cars and pickup trucks or giant travel trailers can stay up for a fucking week and be legal but we are too dangerous after 11 hours !


One day the civil war will break out as it should. On that day you better run for your underground hideaway. We will be coming for you

These people have never been in or around a truck but think they know everything about trucking but they know nothing. They stay up for days doing whatever drugs it is they do to stay awake while making laws that affect the country. I say give all them a drug test twice a week.


double clutching gear jamin’ coffee drinking nuts

Red Simpson – Hello I’m A Truck – written by Robert Stanton