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“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
Abraham Lincoln

This is why liberals get into so much scandal. They never stop lying even when outright caught on video doing it. Hilary Clinton is a fine example of a ” holier than thou” lying evil spawn of Satan. She gets caught lying and even making up outrageous tales that everyone knows is BS fantasy disillusioned garbage.

Yet on she goes with the lying and deceit. Never learning her lesson. Never admitting she has lied. Never even realizing that her fault lies within her own heart and that her memory like all others is flawed. She may not even know that she can’t keep her lies straight. She may know and just does not care because people that support her could care less if she lies to them. Brainwashed puppets from the audience at the Masters of Puppets show.

The successful liars will never stop no matter how many times they get caught. Their voter base just keeps on standing up for them and never seems to mind if they are being lied to even when the lies ar about murdering American citizens and blaming the matter on innocent people.

Wow check out this major event in lying ! Nancy Pelosi is caught red handed. She said she NEVER met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak but what is this? Looks just like a picture of Pelosi and her non existent meeting with Sergy.


Seems someone forgot to cover her ass ! Oh wait that is her face. My bad.




Claire seems to have a bit of a lying problem also or maybe she just forgot about this meeting:

woops !



Well there are so many of these liars i do not have enough web space to post them all.

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