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9mm Use , Stupidity | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

9mm Is Just Not The Right Tool

Okay here we go . Everyone wants a nine. Everyone also wants a preacher to be civil and not use dirty words or insult people who are morons.. but that ain’t happening here you bleeding heart panty waist fuzzy bunny pussies. Rev Marcus pulls no punches for anyone and the truth will not be quelled !

9mm use is stupidity for defense. You are not using the right tool. A nine is fine for blasting through shit and hitting someone on the other side. It is fine for general shooting fun. When you want to kill some fucker that thinks he has the right to murder you or others then you need a real bullet.

A nine is good but make sure you use a round like a hollow point or other round made to expand and tear stuff up. You can find good advice at OUTDOORHUB

A common 9 mm round ( seen in photo to right ) is not good for stopping power. 

A nine is fast. It cuts through like a ice pick. It goes in and out at about the same size. If you shoot some guy with a nine you better hope you hit a vital organ like his heart or he might just take your nine away from you and beat your ass with it.

A lot of people shot with a nine can just walk off. This is because the damage done is negligible unless you hit a vital organ. If you hit them in an area with no vital parts like an artery or organ then you really have done no damage. You need to tear up something to make a big difference.

A report from the FBI found at Grand View Outdoors says a nine is the thing for law enforcement. This is because of accuracy, weight, availability and cost and other factors. They need to keep distance between them and a thug. You probably won’t have that option in everyday life as a civilian. So you want stopping power up close. Besides a huge hole in a thug makes a great pic for the family Xmas cards !

A hole the size of pencil through your arm is not going to harm you much.

Cops and thugs and everyone else went to using 9mm. This is because it is fast and small enough to load a clip with a sufficient amount of shells to keep the fight going. How ever this is a false sense of safety.

How to Stop a Person

The thing is that when you need to stop a person you want a bullet that stops them. Cops used to use a .38 . Yep the good old revolver that was the big deal before clips came around. You young people probably don’t know what one is except that you see them in westerns.

The .38 packs a punch. Do not under estimate it. It was the choice of law enforcement for a reason. At the time we did not have 9 round clips and nines. Basically it was a .38 , .22 , .44 …  The .38 was cheap and moved slow but when it hit it hit with an impact that did damage. Fast is not always the best thing. Sure fast goes further but slow hits harder.

When a .38 hits your ass , especially if it is a hollow point , it spreads out. In fact it spreads out as it leaves the barrel of the gun. A short barrel makes the bullet tumble or wobble as it leaves. The bullet then does not just poke a nice clean hole but rips it’s way in. If a hollow point it spreads open and gets bigger. This makes it rip an even bigger and nastier hole.

Just think poking a needle through a piece of paper as opposed to stabbing a broken off stick through the paper . Which is doing more damage ?


On To My Real Rant

People, mostly bleeding heart pandering to losers liberals are always crying because their beloved thugs were shot 14 times by the cops. ” Why did they have to shoot my little boy 14 times”? Well to start off with he deserved it because he is a fucking violent thug that needed to be killed . I for one am glad your little angel is with Satan now instead of terrorising the people.

Then there is the cops view on it.

Cops are just like anyone else. Well anyone that is not a pussy pandering liberal that thinks a murdering thug should get a hug instead of a bullet. They are not going to give some thug an advantage and allow him to be able to kill them. The reason they shoot many times is because that thug needs to be stopped. If not he would simply if he could return fire or use some other method to kill cops or others.

The folly here is the 9mm. Sure it is cool and holds lots of shells. It also can not stop much. Cops have to shoot 14 times just to take a person down. They could do it with one shot from a .38 at close range. They could do it with one shot from a .44 at close range. A .45 would do it at close range even if you hit them in the foot. There is a good reason for this.

Like I said a nine goes in fast. It is used because you do not have to be close to hit someone. It goes far , fast and accurate.

A .38 needs close range. Dangerous from a cops point of view. It is slow and won’t go far. As such it is also not very accurate. Accuracy requires fast, sleek ammo. A arrow is accurate , a brick is not.

A .44 is also very deadly. It is a bit faster than .38 and larger and hits hard. It will kill your ass. It will rip a hole in you that does major damage. It will not go far.

A .357 is also a very deadly round. It comes out and spreads. It is also not real fast but hits hard and rips a huge hole and the ripping is what these rounds and others do that makes a difference.

A .45 can kill you even if it hits you in the foot. The fucker is big. It hits with an impact the is unreal. It ain’t fast or accurate. It is just the right size and velocity that it has an impact that shatters your nervous system. That impact can kill you even if it hits no vital organs. This fucker is the king of killing. A .45 cal machine gun is the dream of the Bonnie and Clyde crowd. The only draw back is the size and weight of the round.

Then on to the nine. Small. Fast. Goes far. Can be loaded in a 30 round clip with no problem. It is used for these reasons. How ever as I have stated it goes in and out at the same small size. Not going to do much damage so they must shoot many times to knock down the average pissed off thug.

So you dumb asses think your ” little angel ” was a victim of police brutality and racism when in fact he was the victim of your lousy parenting and his own thug mentality and the all the holes that he certainly deserved to get are the fault of the need to stay a safe distance away from the ” the little angel ” and the soft damage of the preferred round.


Use a Round That stops !

My opinion is all cops should go back to carrying a .44 or .45. Sure it holds a few less rounds and weighs more but when you shoot the democrats ” little angel”  it will kill his ass with one round or at least knock him down and rip a hole through his ass the size if your fist. If a hollow point it will come out the other side like a fucking softball from hell was pitched through his ass.

My cousin was hit by a pile of shit , for no reason, around the corner from me with a .357 magnum. Right in the thigh. Damn near tore his leg off at about 30 feet.

Do not be a trend setting cool guy. Sure the nine is the ghetto gangsta thing but when you want to protect yourself or your family you do not want to be showing off your ” I want to be like a nigga gangsta that listens to rap music” persona.

Get a real gun. Use the nine when you want to rip off a bunch of shots. Use a real shell when you want to put someone down.

The scariest thing in the world you can pull is a shotgun. The size of the hole has been proven to be detrimental to people. A 12 or 10 gauge is not something people will want to face. Just that will deter most people. It also is a great weapon.

In your home you need a 12 gauge pump or automatic street sweeper type. . The first shell should be either double ought buck shot or a slug. This is because when an intruder comes in your home you need to hit his ass. All you need to do is shoot the wall or door and it will go right on through. If it don’t hit them it will most likely make them run for cover. Then the next couple loads can be regular loads and then another 00 load.

I can assure you if you shoot it at him he is not going to fare well. If you never seen what happens to a person hit with a shotgun you just can not imagine what the damage looks like. It is horrible. Skin and meat gone. Imagine your arm with nothing but bones.

My friend was shot from about 5 feet away with a 12 gauge loaded with bird shot. His hand and arm up to the elbow had almost no meat or muscle. His side was gone. Imagine taking a basketball size piece out of your side ! From under your ribs to your pelvis. All he had was skin wrapped around the bone in his hand and arm and a big empty place where his side used to be.

Hop on over to BestGore and check out some very nice pics like the one to the right of a person shot with a shotgun

So stop whining when a cop uses 14 rounds to stop a thug. You know who the thug is. It is your little angel that is “just misunderstood and and was a straight A student or a football player”  Well until he decided to turn into a gang banging violent thug. ” It is simply because a nine will not stop shit. Not even your angel. They have to unload on him to make sure he does not get up.

Using a nine is like using a tazer on a PCP twisted psycho. Waste of time. A tazer would not stop thug on PCP even if he was standing in a water puddle wearing steel wheeled roller skates. ( for you youngins , that is roller skates us old farts had back in the 60’s and before. They had steel wheels and a steel body that locked to your shoe.) He would not even catch a good buzz off of that.

When you shoot someone with a nine it is only to make a statement not to kill them. It is good for that.


The .22 is Fun

Hey on another note …. A .22 cal. Everyone thinks they are like a BB gun. Well I can tell you that it is far from that. A .22 is very fast. It is small and like the nine it puts in a small hole.

Here is the difference. Sure it rarely kills but something overlooked here is the damage done. When you get shot with a .22 it really does not hurt unless hitting you in eye or perhaps the a bone or it bounces off bone and rattles around in you. It goes thorough quick like a poke of the needle from the doc. It does how ever burn. That fucker is fast and hot. The lead burns. That is all you really feel.

The thing is that a .22 ricochets. When it hits bone it jumps around. A .22 short is good for this. It might hit you in the thigh and come out your toe. A .22 shot from a short barrel like a revolver or a rifle with the barrel cut off ( my favorite toy back in the day ) tumbles on the way out. This makes it bounce around inside a person. This can do major damage.

A friend of mine, was  shot above the knee with a old Ruger while sitting in the car. He dropped it on his lap and it went off. It spiraled down his leg and came out above his foot. Funny thing is could not go to hospital so they took him back to the house and squirted vaginal infection cream in the holes. Hey, it worked !

My favorite toy was a 15 round nylon Remington 22 . It held 15 rounds in the stock. Cut the barrel off to 1 1/2 inches . Just enough room to hold the .22 long rifle.
Filed down the trigger assembly so all needed was to lightly touch it and it would fire. That long rifle came out the ” barrel ” spinning. At about 20 feet it would rip a hole in 3/4 inch ply board the size of a 50 cent piece.

Head over to Calico and check out their fun toys. Small , fast , lightweight 100 round .22 pistols

Oh , your little angel , I hope they shoot him 300 times. 

By the way God does not care if you defend your self. ” Thou shalt not kill” is for murder. God has no problem with you defending your life or your families life or even a strangers life.

” Turn the other cheek” does not mean that you let some thug murder you for your watch. It means that if someone wrongs you then you just forgive them and do not seek revenge. If someone were to talk shit about you or do some other thing that was screwed up and pissed you off but did not threaten your life then you should “turn the other cheek” and let God deal with them.

If someone tries to kill you or harm you physically then God is okay with you defending yourself. You need to understand the word of God. You need to realize that words used do not always mean what they read as but have have other meanings. just like “cool” does not just mean “cold” or  “bad” does not always mean “wrong”.

Please use your defense with great discretion. Not just because killing hurts others not just the person who deserves it but because the authorities may just make you suffer for doing what you had to do. Always evaluate the situation and use the appropriate action.

Sometimes it is just better to let it ride. Sure the guy will brag that he punked you out and you did nothing but God will deal with him in the end and you will not be in prison. Weigh out the matter. Is snuffing the punk worth going to prison over?  If it is , kill the thug.

God Bless You !

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