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US Schools Ratings Lower than Low !

I just saw my city area school ratings and that pissed me off!


I live in Wichita,Ks and in a decent part. I expected our schools to be at least good. Hell no! They suck. Why so bad ? This ain’t no large city full of loser gang bangers. Sure we are the biggest city in Kansas but that is not saying much when it comes to big cities.

We have our gangs and low income areas but nothing like KC or St Lois. In fact there is nothing much low income about where I live in Wichita. Just middle income hard working people but not them 60K to 175K middle types.


  Kansas is rated at 23rd in US and Wichita schools in my neighborhood are rated 2.5 out of 10. Disgusting. This is just not acceptable. We spend a lot of money in schools and should get a decent return.
the US is going to crap with all this liberal garbage being taught. Gay friendly classes. How not to be a bully classes. Snowflake 101. Wat the hell is wrong with learning something useful ?

World Ratings

  The US is rated 17th in the world ! This is so outrageous that we should be focusing on it far more than the middle east or other garbage we spend our tax dollars on. How about keeping all that cash we give to Palestine that they openly say they use to fund Hamas the terrorist organization. Think maybe that money would be better put to use educating our kids instead of terrorizing us and our friends ?

 Well this just sucks and I don’t have time to rant any further today but here is some links for you to check out on the matter.

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