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Pepsi Bows Down to Losers | Rant This Rev Marcus Killion

Peaceful Protesters

Pepsi pulls new commercial showing a protester giving a cop a Pepsi and the crowd cheers.
Okay then, the left wing nuts have cried once again and the big company, Pepsi, bowed down to losers. This is the problem Pepsi, you and others bow down to a small minority of losers that only whine because they know they can force you to do something. They have no cause. They are not upset. They are just trouble makers looking for someone to mess with. Most of them are simply followers running behind the bought and paid for George Soros trouble makers.

The lefties claim some crap about it is insensitive or just wrong and racist … What ?
Somehow they got “black violent protesters” out of this commercial.
Where from?
Last time I took a look Kendall Jenner was just a bit light to be black and on top of that the commercial was not full of black protesters. Look at the photo I posted.

In fact the trouble causers are really whining because the commercial did not show a bunch of black protesters being violent. They do not like that. They demand that violence and racism be promoted.

Well sorry losers but you get no sympathy from me when all you want to do is promote hate.
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