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Muslims, How to stop the terror in your country

Muslims, How to stop the terror in your country..

First off American and Europe have a major problem in stopping it. We watch people who are known to be affiliated or talking to ISIS and others. Why ? Execute them. They are terrorists. We watch until they actually try or succeed in doing their job. Then we move in. WTF ?

Anyone who supports Sharia law should be charged with high treason and executed. Sharia law demands the overthrow of all other governments. This is treason !

If an an American citizen started proclaiming they had a plan to overthrow the government and was actively pursuing that they would be arrested and charged fast. But Muslims openly proclaim and fight for the overthrow of our governments and nothing is done about it.

Most homegrown terrorists have been watched and were known to be radicals. Why are they allowed to remain in your countries ? Why are they not arrested and put away for life or better yet executed ?

All the whining going on about treating terrorists badly. Hey dumbasses, the Muslims know how to treat them. They execute them.