Tag: Liberals Cry Over Death Penalty in Arkansas

Liberals Cry Over Death Penalty in Arkansas | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

The Untold Story of White Slavery in America

Dying For No Reason

Cry baby liberals in Arkansas are protesting the death penalty again.
“Boo hoo hooo, don’t kill our sacred murdering lunatics. They have done nothing to deserve being treated like this”. Say the pandering pussies.

They claim the reason for the upcoming execution of 7 people is “macabre”.
The reason the men are being executed quickly , within 10 days of each other is that one of the ingredients used to put them down [Midazolam] is about to expire and they need to use it up.

Cry babies are crying and stomping their feet because Midazolam has been used in several “gruesome botched executions” in the past. Unlike the kind humane way these murderers executed their victims.

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