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Judicial Watch Releases 695 Documents

Today Judicial watch released another 695 documents that prove the IRS was targeting conservative non profit groups. IRS agents admit to this in these documents. They also admitted to telling conservative groups to curb their political activities in exchange for “expedited consideration” to tax exempt status.
This is all at the direction of the Obama crime family. The anti American pro Islamic Sharia law spawn of a Kenyan terrorist gave the orders for the IRS to blatantly break Federal laws.

In 2015 Judicial Watch filed a FOIA law suit demanding records from the IRS in regards to their targeting conservative groups.
The IRS just happened to find “an additional 6,924 documents of “potentially responsive records” of which they have released the 695 documents.
The other 422 documents are being hidden and are not contained in the congressional database which the IRS created to house such documents.


Karen Schiller Admits to the Criminal Activity

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