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Genuine Trash on Trial for Murder | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

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Genuine Trash

Well it seems there is no shortage of trash in Kansas. The pile gets bigger every day but I just do not have the time to keep up with it. Any way here is another lump to add to the garbage heap.

These two losers were arrested on suspicion of murder. They went to meet a home owner under the guise of wanting to rent a house from him. What they really wanted to do was murder him for his money.  After being let in the rental home they stabbed 86 year old Otto Meyer to death. Not for a a fortune but only to steal his old pick up truck and his check book.


The usual type of people who do this sort of thing are narcotics junkies. they will kill anyone for a couple bucks to get another pill. Occasionally the meth heads do it also and of course blacks are quite well known for murdering for a little of nothing.

So here we got a white guy and latina. Not your typical murdering duo. I am guessing narcotics. I have known quite a few narcotics junkies that murdered their girl friends, mothers and grand mothers just to take their prescriptions or the little bit of money they had on them. Typical murder is done with knives and hammers how ever one person I knew killed his girl, Lynn, with a screw driver to take her bottle of pills.

I got nothing against people getting high but anyone strung on narcotics should just be put down. In general they are broken and can not be fixed. A few can be fixed but not worth the time to weed them out. While we are at it might as well put down all the crack heads and most of the meth heads.

Here is you on the dope you can not handle –

If you can’t abuse it don’t use it but if you can’t do it and not become an addicted moron then don’t abuse it because you are to weak minded to be doing drugs.


These losers, like most addicted morons thought they were slick. So smart they are. They call up a guy about renting his house and then show up in front of all the neighbors and murder. Then drive off with his truck and try and cash a check of his. Probably took it to his bank, you know the one he has been going to for decades. Yep these genius’ probably thought no one would notice they were not an 86 year old.

First off you dumb asses, when you make a phone call it leaves a record of you and the person you called. Did they not teach you that in petty criminal 101 ?

You two are too stupid to be let loose on our streets. Extreme stupidity should be a death penalty offense.

Can we get an IQ test at age 5 and put down anyone that does not pass?

My prediction is girl testifies against guy. Amazing this is even allowed to be a factor in her sentencing as they both played an equal part. She will get no more than 12 maybe 15 years.

Guy will get most likely life or a 15 to 20 or some other nonsense that is going to end up netting him a grand total of 12 years in prison.

Just kill them on the court house steps after conviction and save us some money.


Special Interest Trash

Always keep in mind that the “liberals” I rant about are almost exclusively rich white politicians and a few that are people of color. I am not particularly ranting about the average citizen as they are the target of these politicians who use them for their political gains.

The problem with this garbage is it just keeps getting tossed back out on the streets.

Here is some genuine trash that is on trial for murder. The kind of trash that Liberals demand we treat with respect. The kind of trash that will do 10 or 12 years in prison while some person gets 20 years for a non violent crime. The kind of person Obama pardoned when he left office. The kind of person that Liberals will call you a racist over if you say anything bad about him. Yet when you say something bad about other trash they remain silent because that is not conducive to their pandering.

The kind of person that liberals want to get special sentencing treatment because all he did was murder a white man. Had it been the other way around, liberals would demand white man never see the light of day again. 

Of course this is not what liberals really think. They actually hate this man just because of his race. Liberals are the biggest bigots out there and have mastered the art of brainwashing.
They use pandering as a tool to keep people under their thumb. These people just do not realize they are being used by liberal politicians. 

Keep in mind a few things about Liberals. The original haters and oppressors. The ones who fought to keep slavery. The founders of the KKK. The ones who fought civil rights. The ones who whitewashed all references to their atrocities from the history books your kids get in school.

Well I guess some of them figured it out as they dumped Hilary.

This is the liberals at work pandering to their main voter base which is the criminal element. They need them types of people to vote or they will not be elected. There are not enough decent people supporting them. This is why they want all felons to be able to vote even while still in prison.

This loser thug has no right to live on our dime nor to ever be set free for the atrocious crime he perpetrated upon an innocent man and his wife. This is of course if he actually committed the crime and is found guilty.

Anyone who would murder someone just to take their car is a total pile of garbage and should be put to death.

In fact if a person is convicted of major crimes of any kind more than 3 times they should be put in prison for mandatory life. They are either a career criminal that will never contribute anything to society or they are simply too stupid to be on the streets. If you can not get away with your crimes then you are too stupid to be doing them.

What Does God Say

Let God guide the conscience of the jurors and judge. For God knows how to deal with those of this kind and he has made it clear that this man must die for his crime and die at the hand of man.

In Genisis 9:6 God spoke to Noah about shedding the blood of man. It was in a speech about eating the flesh but still holds pertinence. 
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

Leviticus 24:17 
And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death

God says in Numbers 35:30 and 31 
“Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person [to cause him] to die.
Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which [is] guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death.”

and so it should be in the life of this thug. So shall he die for his sin against God’s child; if not by man who choses to ignore the commands of God then by God in the end when he is held accountable for his actions; for though his earthly body is not put to death by God his sole shall die, suffering eternal damnation.

The liberals will surely shield this thug from death as they are known to do. They think it is racist to make a non white person pay for his crimes. The death penalty rarely is put forth upon a black person as most states that have it { Kansas } will over turn the death penalty law or the sentence of the man before death is carried out. Carr brothers anyone?

But not to fear as God will make his sole die and forever suffer.

God may have mercy on his sole but not likely.

The thug will no doubt turn to God while in jail as most of them do while waiting to go to trial. Maybe even in prison if they think they have a chance of parole. But it is fake and God knows fake when he sees it.

I can’t count all the idiots I saw in jail that tried the ” I found God ” defense. Almost all who are facing big time. Might work on Liberals but not on God.

In New Jersey court on Wednesday, Jamie Friedland spoke about the night she witnessed her husband David’s murder in 2013.

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