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Aborted babies are still alive

France and the Liberal Anti Freedom Movement | Rant This

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France and the Liberal Anti Freedom Movement

Authored by Reverend Father Marcus Killion

Abortions – Don’t Dare to Disagree

France is on a pathway to becoming even worse than it already is for freedom loving people. Especially those who love God. More and more laws are being passed that prohibit anyone from exercising their rights to protest unjust laws and treatment. Citizens are being warned about abortions and to not dare to disagree with the governments views.

France has already become a socialized liberal failure. This failure is the same path liberals have for the USA . Obama tried to import it and did succeed a little by way of convincing his minions that socialism is good and France has a great economic plan. Problem is France is economic disaster.

Now on to France’s policies that discriminate against anyone who dares to disagree with the overlords in power.
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