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Dems New Plan, Copy Trump | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

Dems Trying to Hide Obstruction Platform

So the party of no and obstruction has a all new plan. they are on the cutting edge of politics. Their plan, copy Trump and claim it is their own invention and only they have attempted it.

Great idea. As the head mouth piece for the loony party Chuck Schumer said that it worked for Trump so it is going to work even better for Dems. Chucky Cheesy said that they are redoing their ideas. They are going to be for jobs, economy and infrastructure and fair trade agreements.

Yep we believe you Chucky. Out of nowhere Dems will now stop the socialism push and the lies and discrimination and turn to a party of yes. No more “we will oppose Donald Trump at every opportunity” no matter what bad comes from it.

Chuck says that Dems are willing to work with Republicans. On health care they are ready to come to the table. As long as the table only has their ideas and no opposition. Chuck says the Republican plan is rotten at it’s core. He is right about that. The Republican HC plan is nothing but Obamacare with a few small cuts and a bunch of money tossed in.

Chucky says that healthcare can be fixed easily. Repealing the great Obamacare is a bad idea. Yes, because it takes away from the famous Obama legend. Dems could no longer brag that they created the greatest health care system America has ever seen. Never mind the fact that it has failed miserably.

Dems claim Obamacare is amazing and only needs a little tweek. they are crying that Republicans will cause 33 million people to lose coverage. Yep them 33 M are the ones that can afford it because they pay nothing and the rest of us that can’t afford Obamacare pay for it.

Dems claim we are the only country that does not guarantee health care for everyone. Citing UK as a great example. Yes they have it going on. No care beyond basic if you are elderly , infant or very ill. You just die. You can not even use your own money to buy medical treatment because that is not fair to those who do not have the money to do it.
( Oh wait, that is exactly what we have with Obamacare laws )

Chucky says on jobs all we need to do is raise the minimum wage to $15.00 hour. Yep completely different from their old plan which was to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour !
Let us not forget what happened to Washington when they made this moronic move. They claimed more jobs would pop up but in fact they lost hundreds of thousands of jobs by doing it. Now they are crying and trying to cover it up with fake misleading stats.

Seems $15.00 an hour for every tiny business is not doable. It seems that the local french fry bag stuffer is a bit over paid at that price and customers are not willing to pay $6.00 for a small order of french fries. Who would have thunk it ? Certainly not Democrats.

On to infrastructure. Chucky Cheesy has this covered also. Dems have a plan to give President Trump. A trillion dollars for infrastructure. We have not seen it of course just like Obamacare but you can bet it is a great plan. Well funded with all our tax dollars. ready to put millions of people to work at them “shovel ready” jobs.

Remember them “shovel ready jobs” ? Seems there were none. We did however pay other countries companies to come here with their employees to build a lot of failed green crap.

Also the way Dems pay for this trillion dollars is of course by adding it to the national debt and passing it on to our kids to worry about. This is what they always do. Then they tax  tax tax and take payoffs from their liberal friends in business.

Well good luck getting your voter base back. Your plan to bring back “people of color” and others is not going to work because they left you over your socialist crap and your lies. They are not fooled by your lies. They know you only want to make your buddies wealthy and could care less about the little guy. They are sick of the obstruction to the process. That is all you really are about.

A Word on John McCain

Sad that he has this incurable brain cancer. Even a tiny tumor with this type is deadly and there is no treatment that works. the experimental treatment he hopes for is only available after all other treatments are done which of course makes it a bit late to work well.

That being said this is a great thing for the people. he will be out of the Senate. His only goal in there was to gain wealth. He is nothing but a Democrat suck up. Useless as a tit on a bird. No better than Pelosi or Reid.  Very glad to know he will be out of the process. Would have liked to see him go out by way of voters but at least he will be gone.