I do not care much about what you rant about. Just make sure you put it in the right category. If there is not a category that fits your topic then send me an email or DM me on Facebook or Twitter and I will make one for you.

Opinions on Race

What your opinions are are of no concern to me. All I ask is that you try to be decent about it and do not call anyone any racist names. You can hate them if you want to that is none of my affair and as an American citizen it is your right to do so. Just be civil about it.
Anyone caught using racial slurs will be subject to being banned. I will give you one chance to make it right.

Words are not racist unless directed at someone. You are free if you think you must to use words that others may not like. If you say ” I heard this guy say ****** in Walmart” , that is not racist. If you say ” You are a ****** ” you are going to have to do some apologizing to keep from being banned.
There is no need for such stuff and I do not want it on my site.

Foul Language

Far be it from me to tell someone else not to cuss like a drunk sailor. I was raised by a bunch of drunk sailors in the streets of San Diego. How ever try to keep it down. Think ” wow my, baby sister might be reading this” .

Anything Illegal

Well I do not give a crap. If you post about illegal subjects i.e. butt banging bull frogs in the park,  I do not care but let it be known that I do not condone any illegal activity. I also do not monitor this forum and I am not responsible for the content of your posts.
I do not care if you post about your experiences in life i.e. ” I did this and that yesterday it was great” .

So it is easy. Do not post anything you could be arrested for if a cop were to read your post.

You are free to post about things like what you think should be legalized and why.

You can post about what you would like to do to someone but do not say you are going to do it as that is a threat.

If I find a post that is clearly going to be a problem i will delete it as I do not want to be legally responsible for allowing you to post something that may be criminal.

Talking Trash 

Get your trash on! I love it. Go for it. But do remember that others are going to come back with a response. Neither of you should have a major attitude.
Do not be real hateful or threaten anyone.

Just be decent and have fun and voice your opinion.