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Do Not Get Banned

If you need a category made i.e cars, military, electronics etc… email me or DM me on Facebook or Twitter and I will make it.
You may go ahead and make your post and I will move it when I find your message and make the category. I do not care what you rant about just make sure you put it in the right category.

Opinions on Race

Keep in mind that I am a God fearing man and as such I can not allow some things to be on my site.

Anyone caught using racial slurs will be subject to being banned. I will give you one chance to make it right.

Words are not racist unless directed at someone. You are free if you think you must to use words that others may not like. If you say ” I heard this guy say ****** in Walmart” , that is not racist. If you say ” You are a ****** ” you are going to have to do some apologizing to keep from being banned. There is no need for such stuff and I do not want it on my site.

I am not the PC police and certainly I am not PC (politically correct). With the exception of the above you are free to post anything about anyone but please make it truthful. Call a midget a midget ! Not a height challenged little person. You do not need to pander to the politically correct left.

Foul Language

Far be it from me to tell someone else not to cuss like a drunk sailor. I was raised by a bunch of drunk sailors in the streets of San Diego. How ever try to keep it down. Think ” wow my, baby sister might be reading this” .

Anything Illegal

Well I do not give a crap. If you post about illegal subjects i.e. butt banging bull frogs in the park,  I do not care but let it be known that I do not condone any illegal activity. I also do not monitor this forum and I am not responsible for the content of your posts.
I do not care if you post about your experiences in life i.e. ” I did this and that yesterday it was great” .
So it is easy. Do not post anything you could be arrested for if a cop were to read your post.
You can post about what you would like to do to someone but do not say you are going to do it as that is a threat.

Talking Trash 

Get your trash on! I love it. Go for it. But do remember that others are going to come back with a response. Neither of you should have a major attitude.

Politicians are all up for all out attacks. That is why we have them. They serve no other purpose other than a outlet for your frustrations.
Just be decent and have fun and voice your opinion.

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      This is where you put your posts that may make some people upset. Anything that some might find to be of a racial nature or find real offensive { not politics } , anything like drugs or other things of the possible illegal nature. The reason I have a forum category just for that is that some people are sensitive to these things and I do not want them to have to see the posts. Yes I know , they can just not look but we all have a responsibility to try and keep this site a fun place for everyone. You would not want someone coming to your house and saying some things in front of your little kids so the rule goes here also.
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