Holy Crap ! James Brown is Back

James brown has come back from the grave and some people are just not happy about it. James made an appearance today and he  was ranting about something but no one was really paying attention because they were so surprised by his showing up 11 years after his supposed death.

Some people are claiming it is really Maxine Waters , far left nut case. Evidently they say she is just dressing up as James. Some kind of fetish thing I recon. If so she is wearing a great James Brown wig which is another point of anger from some people. They are saying that if you make fun of a womans hair it is womanizing and since it is a black woman , racist.

Oh well they need something to cry about I guess. Even if it is Maxine , making a crack about her wig is not racist nor womanizing. they have no problem making fun of Trumps wild hair. Is that manizing ?

Hopefully he gives a concert when he is done ranting. That would be real sweet !









Maxine Waters is speaking out 

Maxine Waters speaks out about Bill O’reilly. She does not seem to be bothered by Bill’s remarks about her. {Bill made a crack about her wig }

Evidently it is only the left wing cry babies trying to stir up some hate as usual.
Take a listen to this speech she gave last night.

May peace be with you my brother you are truly missed but not forgotten