Will You Really Be Rewarded 10 Fold ?

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I am doing this experiment to prove or disprove the law of Give And Receive. It is said that if you give you will receive it back 10 fold. How can this be true? If you give your money to a church or others in need then their is no financial investment. How is your money going to grow and come back to you?

The Lord said to those who have many much will be given. Why would they get more when they already have more than they need ? Well it is because they give some of what they have to help others.

Those who have little are also told they should give even though it would put them in a very bad place since they can not make it as it is. Why should they give when they can not afford to do so ?
The Lord says they should give because by doing so they will be rewarded. They give far more than the wealthy person does as they give what actually they can’t afford to give, unlike the wealthy person who can give  a lot more. The person of less means therefor will be greatly rewarded for his giving.


So here we go. On 4/15/2017 I was sitting here, as I have for 8 months. I have had no income at all in this time and charging almost everything on credit cards except rent. No job in site. Not looking so great.

I gave on that day a pledge of $20.00 a month to the 700 club. I picked them because I like the show and they do a lot of good things with the money they get unlike some others who just grow their bank accounts.

Now the Law of Expectation says that you should not just hope or think that maybe you might get a return on your gift. It says that you must expect to get it. It is owed to you. Demand it. You will get it.


We will see. Now I have always been a firm believer in give and you shall receive. So I am already in the mode of knowing and expecting that I will be rewarded greatly for giving what I can not financially afford to give.

I will keep this page running a tab on progress. Any changes I will report.


Job offers roll in. After 8 months of not being able to find a job I get several offers and two confirmed just today. Tell me the Lord is not watching over me. I will keep on reporting on this as I go along my way. When I get working and start getting a check in my donations to things the Lord serves will be more and I suspect you will find even more great gains posted in this thread.

Praise the Lord !


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Update on 04/25/2017

As it turns out the job offers that came in were not a good fit for me. I have some special circumstances at play. How ever some others have popped up and it takes time for them to respond so we will see what happens.

Never give up on expecting your gift to be returned to you.



I was heading to the store to drop off my recyclable stuff. My pick up had a dead battery as usual after sitting for a week. I jumped it and went on my way. I dropped off my stuff and then decided to go into the store. There was a lot of traffic in the parking lot and I had to pull forward and make a u turn. I had a few spaces to choose from but for some reason decided to cut sharp and go into a space that I had to back up a bit and straighten out to get into it.

I shut my truck off and instantly knew I just screwed up. Turned the key and no action. A pickup truck pulled in the space right in front of me. There were empty spaces in that row that went about 4 spaces closer to the store but he pulled in in front of me anyway.
It is cold and he has his kids with him and none a re wearing jackets. I was not going to bother him as he was trying to get his kids out and all. How ever I just got the feeling that I should.

I hopped out and asked him if I could trouble him for a jump. His answer was quite inspiring. He said ” sure, do you have any cables ?” . I answered yes and he said ” Well God put me right here for a reason” .

How about that ! I don’t know about you but I think that is quite plain to see that God sent this man to me.  So there you have it. A blessing when I needed one.