Are Whites & All Others Evolved From Blacks

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Some black people have this theory that everyone is black. You can read my scathing article Black Jesus and Other Racist Stuff in response to their nonsense. It is not all of their thinking that is a bit off as some parts are truthful. How ever these particular people that think somehow they are King of Humans and spawned all people are mostly racists.

So I am going to point out some things that poke a hole in the water can. To answer the question of ” Are Whites & all others evolved from Blacks” we only need to look at each other.

As I have already made clear in my other article dealing with this matter the answer is no. People evolved from apes that mated with other kinds of apes. These hybrid apes then muted over millions of years into many different types of ape/humans. These eventually either died off for some reason or evolved into modern humans. So it is said.

The whole evolution theory is based on apes turning into black people. This happened. We can see this by looking at the average black person. They still have the facial features of the apes or what ever it was they evolved from.

Humans share about 99% of their DNA with Bonobos and Chimpanzees. This does not really mean as much as one would think. We are far removed from any apes if in fact all of us evolved from them in the first place. There is proof via bones that ape/humans existed. There were  a lot of early humanoids.

So on to black people. We do know they were evolved from apes. Most still look similar to apes. This is not a racist statement as it is true. One must think now that if evolution over millions of years ( this has been going on for at least 8 million years ) did not change the facial features of Blacks in Africa then why would it change anyone else.

We also must look at the hair on Blacks. They have that fro and no one else does. Not even their closely related Brown and Asians. Some Browns and Asians do share some looks of Blacks. Where is this fro from ? Apes do not have fros. They have black hair but it is straight and not wooly. Take a look at these pics of apes. Keep in mind that Bonobos and Chimpanzees share about 98% of their DNA with humans. One would think that we would have the same hair.


I found no apes that really have a fro. Some do have something similar but not quite it. so where did it come from? I havwe found no research on this matter but am guessing it is from some gorilla or similar animal.

Here is some images of great apes that show that all apes are not black skinned.



White Skin

Here is another thing the Blacks fail to account for in their racist evolutionary theory. When you look at our closest relatives they seem to be lacking that black skin when born. The skin darkens with age sometimes and sometimes not. Some great apes are black and some are white. So you really can not say all apes turned into black people.

The following is from the most recent studies of DNA and apes as related to our evolution. They have found new evidence in DNA and new early humans and they were not in Africa.

Another clue to when hominids evolved naked skin has come from investigations into the genetics of skin color. In an ingenious study published in 2004, Alan R. Rogers of the University of Utah and his colleagues examined sequences of the human MC1R gene, which is among the genes responsible for producing skin pigmentation. The team showed that a specific gene variant always found in Africans with dark pigmentation originated as many as 1.2 million years ago. Early human ancestors are believed to have had pinkish skin covered with black fur, much as chimpanzees do, so the evolution of permanently dark skin was presumably a requisite evolutionary follow-up to the loss of our sun-shielding body hair. Rogers’s estimate thus provides a minimum age for the dawn of nakedness. ( end of quoted article ).


The Death of The Black Human Conspiracy

So we know for a fact that all humanoids did not evolve with black skin. It was a ridiculous attempt by some blacks and liberals to further their racist agenda. It is dead.

Great apes would evolve into humans with flesh colored skin i.e. white people. This lie Blacks tell about Albinos being the place Whites came from just crashed and burned. Albinos share no physical traits of Whites. Sure they have the white skin , really white in most cases but that is a genetic defect common in Blacks and comes with problems. they tend to have dark spots. They die at large rates due to skin cancer. They have the tell tale signs of being Black i.e. the facial features are still there.

Other species have Albinos. Even White people have Albinos. This is no way indicates that they are Black. Note the differences in these Albinos. Some have Black features and some do not.


Where Does the Black Skin Come From

Early man obviously evolved into different types of People. The new evidence that has come to light with new DNA being mapped and new archeological findings have proven this. So why the black skin.

It is now believed that early man was flesh colored and covered with black fur. The fur was needed at the time to protect from weather, insects and other things. As man developed he lost that fur. This is a result of man developing a particular type of sweat gland. This gland is different from what apes have. It produces the thin watery sweat we have. This allows us to cool off much better than other mammals.

Climate change is also said to have played a part in man losing fur. How ever we must discount that some since man was also evolved in and migrated to other regions of the world where the climate is cooler. they would have evolved fur to protect them from the freezing cold of winter.

Nothing is cut in stone on this matter.

They now know that early man was not black. So the whole “everyone is a black person” theory is dead on arrival. All of us who have a IQ capable of common sense already knew this.

The black skin came about as a response to the harsh sun , or so they say. Only problem with that is that there are people all over the world that live in the same harsh sun and do not have black skin. Most of these people do not look like black people. Some are similar. So this theory of the hot sun causing it is also dead on arrival.

Probably the black skin was just another natural mutation of genes. Lots of apes have black faces and flesh colored skin. Lots of apes also have black skin. Lots of apes also have flesh colored skin.


Early Man Not Just in Africa

I have always said that it was ridiculous to think that all humans evolved in Africa. Early humanoids wondered off all over the place. Some were no doubt spawned outside of Africa. Africa is not the only place on earth that is suitable to spawn life. In fact we now know that early humanoids were in Europe and Mid East. It is reasonable to assume they would have been in other places also.

Here is an image of a ape found only in Europe. I think it was France but I am not certain as I forgot and could have been Italy.

Note the white skin. He looks very similar to a human. This guy is not far away from being a human. It is a very rare ape. So from this we can conclude that apes did evolve in places other than Africa and would certainly have evolved into humanoids and perhaps Caucasians given his skin color which obviously is not black.


Theory Over

So there goes your whole racist agenda down the toilet. Blacks were formed from genetic mutations of flesh colored apes. This has now been proven although no Black or liberal will ever admit it. Black evolution is just like global warming and climate change. just  a lie to promote an agenda.

Here is a picture of an ape that is in the process of evolving into a Chihuahua.

It could also be your bug eyed cousin !
You can read my prelude to this article entitled Black Jesus and Other Racist Stuff