Okay here we go ! Going to piss you off if you are a Liberal or Latino supporter of illegal entry into the USA .

We have a lot of decent people that are illegal aliens and some of them brought over their kids  that we now call ” Dreamers ” and they have an illegal dream. that dream is simply to be an American citizen and enjoy all the benefits that come from it.

I feel for them. They did not break the law. They did not intend to break the law. How ever they must suffer for their parents breaking the law. No, this is not a ” suffer unto me the little children” thing. It is just that we must uphold the law without consideration of people who may suffer because others are held accountable.

These dreamers did nothing wrong. How ever their parents did. They [the parents] knew exactly what they were doing when they illegally entered the USA and brought their innocent children along for the crime ride. They knew that one day they could be deported or jailed and their children would suffer for their actions.

So to the dreamers I say you should be welcome to stay. You should be able to apply for US citizenship. You should not be able to bring any of your friends or relatives into he country.

You will suffer from what your parents did. You must realize that your parents have to be accountable for their actions when breaking the law. If we did not follow the law and deport them then we would not be the country that you wish to be a part of. We would be the country your parents ran from i.e. a lawless land that is corrupt and some are not held accountable for their actions.

So , dreamers, even though you will will suffer you must not lash out against the laws of our land because these laws are what makes us the greatest country in the world. A country that you can be proud to be a part of. A country that is not a corrupt one. A country that upholds it’s laws . Laws that are fair and just.

As far as others go… Well you get what you deserve in a country that is law abiding. In your homeland you would be punished severely. As an illegal in Mexico you would get 5 years in prison for the first time you entered illegally. they would not give a rats ass about your kids. Your kids would likely be put in prison with you.

Your second offense of sneaking into the country would result in a 10 year prison sentence. Again it would most likely include your kids.

Your third and very last offense would be met with a life in prison term.

So, how about we be the country you ran from ? The country you made. The country that is so bad that you need to run and break the law to get into another country. The country that you helped make but refuse to stay in and try and change into a real country that is great .

How does that sound? We could put you in prison for life for entering illegally. Seems fair to me that you be punished by the laws that your homeland has. Got a problem with that ? Of course you do….

Your problem is you think you should not be accountable for your actions. you think you should be above the law because you have kids. You think just because you are a “minority” that you should not be punished just as any United States citizen would be for breaking the law.

Well guess what… Your having kids is not a excuse for breaking the law. Your having kids you forced to break our laws and kids that you put in grave danger to get here , that you are using to try and side step punishment is reason enough to make your punishment very harsh.

Yet our government has seen fit to only give you a slap o  the wrist. You should feel very lucky and grateful that we do not govern like the country you ran from. You should kneel down and thank America for only applying the law upon you. you should also give thanks that America feels the need to take care of your kids even though they are technically illegal also.

You should be proud , very proud to take the punishment so your kids can have a better life in America.

But no, you whine and cry and hold rallies and violent protests and call us all racists. You are the most vile un-loving animals that ever crawled into our country. You are without morals. you do not have enough love for your children to suffer for them. You are wrong and you refuse to admit it.

Rest assured that if I made the laws in this country you would be instantly executed for your crimes. I would show you no mercy. Not because I hate you but because the rule of law must be upheld and the only way to stop illegal entry is to make it extremely risky. Decent people would not risk such a fate. Bad people would because they value crime and money more than life. So only executions would be bad people , hopefully.

Americans love immigrants. Most of us are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. We do not want you to be kept out. We do not want you to be cast aside. We only want you to come in legally.

There is a very good reason for this

And it is not the garbage that liberals and activists say it is. It is not a racist thing. It is not because of your ethnicity. It is merely a safety factor. We need to keep our nation and it’s citizens safe. We want good honest people coming in. We want those people to share our values i.e. Freedom of speech, press, expression, equal rights…..

If we just let anyone walk on in without knowing who they are or what they are up to then we will become a nation full of bad people or people that do not want to share in our beliefs. We can not allow this. Our country is so great because of our beliefs.

So we want you to come in legally so that we can verify that you are not a bad guy. No one wants a terrorist , gang member, murder …. to come in.

Just think about that the next time you decide to protest our immigration laws. They are there to keep you safe. Most of the crimes committed by illegal aliens are against the very race of people they are. They live in that community and victimize them good people.

I personally know a lot of illegal aliens. They are decent people that came here to work and some have made a nice business and employ workers. This is good for our economy. How ever being illegal brings with it a problem.

Amnesty. Yep good old Ronald Regan amnesty. Should have never happened. This only tells others that if they come in illegally we will sooner or later make them legal. Wrong message to send.

America has the most lenient immigration laws in the world. We let in far more than others. Our laws for illegal entry are very lax.

It is a good thing that the Gov is now enforcing the immigration laws. It will cause some heart ache but those people knew it could happen and chose to enter illegally anyway. Just as a car thief choses to steal a car. We do not let him off because he has children.

So you say ” illegal entry is no big crime” . Well guess what it is a big crime. ID theft is the main source of being able to work. ID theft should be at least 30 years in prison as far as I am concerned.

Illegal entry is no different than me coming to your house and walking on in and saying ” you have no right to keep me out ” . If I pitch a tent in your yard you will tell me to get off your property and if I don’t you will call the cops and have me removed. So why cry when you are asked to leave the country.