No “Tech” Support

Todays Rant – This commentary is aimed at Computer Depot LLc . Not the one on Woodlawn but Pawnee and Seneca location. Dial number / press 2 / wait for no tech support.

The Woodlawn store is great. They have good customer service and smart techs.

Fixed. Now leave

The Pawnee location how ever sucks. This is number 3 in bad experiences at that location. Yep my fault I should never have went in there after number 2 , which by the way describes their service. No “tech” support seems to be a ongoing issue there.


The First Time

First time I had the displeasure of their incompetence I paid them to diagnose a hardware problem. Diagnose means something quite different to the techs in that store than to others. It simply means ” hey, it has a problem but I don’t know what it is” or ” I don’t find a problem. You obviously do not know what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with your computer.”

No real diagnoses occurred. He just plugged in my PC and booted it up and said it had no issues. Well it had issues alright but he obviously is not a real technician and can only diagnose software problems. Not what I was paying for. I kind of figured that was going to be the issue since there is no test equipment that normally would be seen in a shop with a electronics technician on duty.

The second time was recently. I had bought a laptop, this one I am using now, from the Woodlawn store. It quickly developed a small problem and would not power up.

I took the laptop to Pawnee location as it is by my home. After checking it out and plugging in several different chargers I was told to take it to the Woodlawn store. The “tech” did not know what the problem was nor what to do to try and figure it out.

I took it to the Woodlawn store where the friendly tech promptly fixed the problem in a couple minutes. Hmmmm, seems the other tech does not know much about teching.

Now on to this morning and the reason I am pissed off. 
I am typing away on an article for 4 hours. I had saved it once during this time but obviously that did not work as the whole article is gone. Why it is gone is two problems.

Some hardware issue or Windows issue kept the article from being saved. If that would have worked I would only have lost about 5 paragraphs instead of the whole thing.

While working the screen suddenly went black. My first thought was video card or screen failure. So I tried hitting all sorts of keys to snap it out of the problem. Nothing worked. Laptop running , all light on but no keys worked.

I plugged in a VGA monitor and hit function / F4 to switch to monitor. Nope, keys did nothing.

I closed the lid which would normally put it to sleep instantly. Would not sleep nor hibernate. So I then got the brilliant idea to head to the tech.

Now my idea was that he could hook up another screen to it perhaps so I could save my open document. I told him about the document not being saved. I figured he would check it out and either know a way around the problem or refer me to the other store.

What happens next is instead of checking into the issue he holds down the power button for 4 seconds and shuts down my laptop !

Holy crap you moron. I could have done that. I was expecting you to at the very least try to diagnose the problem. Saying ” okay , there you go. Come back if it happens again” is not what I nor anyone else expects at tech service.

So now my document is gone.

Unfortunately these screen problems are common and no quick answer usually works. No log files are generated unless it is a windows issue of the right kind. Just have to wait for it to do it again and hope there is no big loss of data. Maybe it will leave a clue as to the problem. If not, off to Computer Depot LLc Woodlawn store to get a proper diagnoses by a real technician.

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