Petition to Charge Ozell Williams With Torture 

Coach forces students to do splits

Denver Colorado East High School cheer leading coach Ozell Williams should be charged not only with child abuse but with far more serious crimes that carry a penalty that matches his cruel actions towards the children he was supposed to be protecting and teaching.
This is a petition to charge Ozell Williams with torture and other crimes.

Ozell Williams allegedly forced cheer leaders to do the splits. He allegedly had other students hold down the kids that could not do them so as to force their muscles to rip and stretch. This sick act of torture should be punished to the fullest extent of the law with no mercy for the man who allegedly carried out this act.

This video Warning! Content is disturbing and violent compliment of the Chicago Tribune shows cheer leaders being forced to do the splits while being held down by other students. the student in this video is crying out in great pain asking Ozell to stop. Other students took cell phone video of the eight students who were forced by Ozell to go through his torture session.

This is so outrageous that a charge of child abuse is simply not the only charge that Ozell should face. The videos show that these kids were tortured , assaulted , unlawfully imprisoned , abused and put through cruel and unusual punishment designed to inflict physical and mental pain in a twisted plot to make them submissive to his demands.

Ozell Williams also should be charged with crimes relating to forcing other students to take part in this torture session as they were forced to hold down the students doing the splits.

We the people who signed this petition demand that Ozell Wiliams be charged with the most severe crimes possible under the laws of Colorado.


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