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The Dead Know Nothing

The Dead Know Nothing

What happens when you die


Everyone wishes they knew what really happens when you die. Is there and afterlife? Are you just gone ? Is there a Hell and Heaven?

These questions can be answered by reading the Bible. God’s Word tells us all we need to know. It explains what is going to happen to you right when you die and later on. If you will remain dead, come back to life, go to Hell, go to Heaven and if you will live for eternity.

Some people do not believe there is life after death but I can assure you there is as God says it and God is the truth. The big question for these people is “Are you going to grab an afterlife or just be returned to the earth you came from”.

The bible says in hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the ages began Titus 1:2

When God made man he was supposed to live forever. This ended with sin by Adam and Eve. Life was shortened but eternal life was still the plan. Adam knew what would be in death. God told him “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”.


Eternal Life

So if you are going to have eternal life then what happens when you die. Well your body dies, your soul lives on. Your body is consumed by the worms and returns to earth. Your soul simply goes to sleep.
Jesus said about a girl who had died  “Leave; for the girl has not died, but is asleep.” Matthew 9:24  

He said of Lazarus “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep.” The disciples then said to Him, “Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover.” Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that He was speaking of literal sleep. So Jesus then said to them plainly, “Lazarus is dead.” John 11

Jesus refers to death as sleep because it is as if you sleep and know nothing that goes on until the day you will be awakened for judgement. On that day you will either receive God’s gift of eternal life in Heaven or be cast to the eternal fire and not live forever in Hell ( the eternal fire ) as some say but be consumed by the fire. You will be as if you never existed. The fire is eternal and your soul is not unless you believe and be born again . See note 1.

The Bible says  in Ecclesiastes , a book written about life on earth ” under the sun” without knowing God “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten” Ecclesiastes 9:5
All people know they will die but the dead no nothing that goes on under the sun. They can no longer enjoy earthly things nor be rewarded as they are in the grave. Soon those left behind on earth forget about the dead.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest”.

John chapter 3 is good reading about the need to accept Jesus as your savior. For you are born of water, your birth from mother, and you must be born of the Spirit to enter the Kingdom of God.


The Un-Saved

The Bible says  “He shall go to the generation of his fathers; They will never see the light.” Psalms 49:19
Quite clear that you will die if not saved and never see the light ( God ).

John 3:36Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them”.
John 3:3  “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.

The Bible says ” I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life. “ John 5:13

No where here does it say that you will live forever burning in Hell fire if you do not believe. My opinion is that God would not make you suffer for all eternity as that would be revenge. Besides Hell was made for Satan and some Angles. They were cast in for their evil ways. Satan was cast in because of his greed. God hates greed. So remember to not be greedy nor stray from God’s word.

The Bible says that on the day of the Lord on earth the un-godly will be destroyed. No mention of them living on forever in eternal punishment in Hell fire. The earth will be destroyed by fire. Those un-godly who died before this will be awakened and be burned also in Hell fire.
“By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly”. 2 Peter chapter 3:7


What happens to the body

The Bible says in Isaiah 66:24 that when you die your body will be consumed by the worms if they are not killed. Jesus called sin the worm. “And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.”

This was said about people being tossed into the fire , not Hell fire but the eternal fire outside of Jerusalem ( Gehenna fire , the valley of Hinnom ). This is where corpses of man and animal were thrown and they burned in the fire that always was there. If the body landed in the fire it was consumed. If not it was eaten by worms i.e. maggots. The part about not living forever in the fire is evident. The maggot eats, hatches into flies , lays eggs and it goes on until there is no flesh left to feed on and it ends. If the body hits fire then it burns up. The soul lives on in sleep.
Same goes for you if you are not born again. You will either live on or be gone.

The Bible says So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep”.
This means that you will lay as if sleeping and knowing not of earthly things until judgement day when you will be awakened.


In Revelations it says a lot about being condemned to Hell but most of that book has nothing to do with us. It has already passed. Mostly having to do with the sins of the 7 churches.



1 To be born again you need 3 things and maybe 4. You must :
Believe This means you believe in the Word and know God in your heart and that he will give you everlasting life.
Repent This means you must ask for forgiveness from all your sins. God knows them all but will forget them as if they never were if you but ask. You must then walk in the light of the Word and try not to sin again. You must change your ways and follow the Word.
Faith Actually the same as Repent . Have faith in God and know he will forgive you your transgressions if you ask.
Be Saved Ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you walk in his light.
Baptized There are different opinions on this. How ever John said it must be done.  Baptism is a show of faith. It is not like being saved. It is done in front of others so that they may see your faith in God. It symbolizes the washing away of your sins but does not actually wash them away. Jesus was baptized by John.
I would say be saved then baptized.

For more on baptism read my article Baptism , do you need it ?



The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare. 11 Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives




Baptism, do you need it ?

What does the Bible say about baptism ?

Do you really need to be baptized to go to heaven ? 


John the Baptist was born by a miracle of God from his old barren mother Elizabeth. His father was Zacharias and they were descended from a priestly family of Aaron.

Luke 1:5-7 New International Version (NIV)
In the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron. 6 Both of them were righteous in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commands and decrees blamelessly. 7 But they were childless because Elizabeth was not able to conceive, and they were both very old.

John was born to serve a specific purpose in life. He was to prepare the peoples for the coming of Jesus. He must have started preaching quite young as he was only 6 months older than Jesus. He was also blessed by God and be filled with the Holy Spirit even before being born. This is how he knew the Word as an infant. 

Zechariah was in the temple when he learned of his new to be son. The angel Gabriel came to him and told him the good news.

Luke 1:11-17 Then an angel of the Lord appeared to him, standing at the right side of the altar of incense. 12 When Zechariah saw him, he was startled and was gripped with fear. 13 But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John. 14 He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth, 15 for he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born.

John was to bring back people of Israel to God. The Jews had strayed from the ways of Abraham. They needed to repent so they could enter the Kingdom of God.

John the Baptist knew that he had been called by God to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah: Mathew 3:3 (mouseover text) , quoting Isaiah 40:3 Read this link for context.

John would baptize people in water and preach repentance. He would baptize Jesus. Paving the way for the Messiah.

There are many verses having to do with baptism. It is a visual thing meant to show your repenting and changing your ways to be godly. The water symbolizes washing away your sins.

Should you be baptized first and then repent ? 

That is a question that seems to have two answers. Some say yes and some say no. Either way you go I would guess you will be just fine. I think repenting allows your sins to be forgiven and thus should be done first and then baptism to show others you have changed your ways and now walk with God.

Matthew 28:18-20
“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”


There is a very good in depth article written about baptism at Bible Truth . Very good read.

My Brother – Junkie – by Rev Marcus Killion

My Brother turned Junkie

Article Written by my Brother While in Prison for Dope


First I want to say that growing up I only had one real friend, my brother. Well I that is not true I had at age 5 a very good friend that was very sweet, Rhonda Smith. I met her again at age 13 and she actually knew who I was. Wish I could find her. She is the best.

I was mostly separated from as I was screwed up from a baseball bat to the frontal lobe at age 4. No one wanted me around but my brother always when we were together took care of me.

When I was tossed out on the streets with nothing but what I was wearing in California I made my way back to Kansas. I knew my brother would be there for me. I was mistaken as he was shot to the socks on narcotics and was quickly in prison after I arrived. He got out , went in…. He was not the same. My true friend was gone. I was lost without him and went back on the streets.

Anyway back to my brother. He was very smart. Took after my dad. He was a genius as I think my brother was also. My brother started on the dope. It ate his brain up. Turned him into a worthless pile of shit.

So sad. I loved him so much but hated him so much in the end. Wont go into details but I will say that narcotics are the end of a good person.

So a while back I posted on Gab about living most of my life surrounded by dope addicts. It was a true post that reflected what I saw and lived. Well I did toss in a little drama that I ended with “WTF ? Insane” this was to denote that I was just joking about that part.

Well on to this editorial. . . . .

My brother William Killion was very smart. The dope made him stupid. While serving a sentence for manufacturing Meth ( not the quick pseudoephedrine / anhydrous ammonia stuff but crank made from P2P and then turned into meth. A very complicated lab process) he wrote this article. Not the only one but it has to do with the dope scene and the laws as lived by a dope addict.

He also wrote other articles. One about my situation while we both sat in prison. That is another story that maybe I will share if asked to.

The article as Printed in High Times Magazine

The following is a picture from my phone of a copy I made of the article. I hope this brings some light on the real problem.

Now this is a sloppy post I am making but it will have to do.

The pic cant be enlarged so I will write the test here:

View From The Inside

I am a 35-year-old white male from a white -collar family. I’m educated, well balanced, rational, healthy and intelligent. I am also a “drug addict” who has been using drugs such as morphine.

Presently , I am serving a 63 month prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution located at Fort Worth, Texas, the result of a drug manufacturing and trafficking conviction. I have 33 months remaining on my sentence.

This is my fifth trip to prison because of my involvement with drugs.

If you’re wondering if I’ve learned anything of value from my incarceration, and whether I plan to abstain from drugs when I’m released, my answer to those questions are yes and no, respectively. (My note: This shows you how hard it is to get off narcotics. He knows he cant stop)

What I have learned is that the American people are largely misinformed with regards to drugs, crime and the war on drugs, the result of their brainwashing by propaganda passed off by officials who have a vested interest in keeping drugs illegal. Anyone who thinks otherwise had best wake up and take a look around. Do you really think that the government cars if some drug addict murders you to get the money to pay the high price for his drugs? Your untimely death from “so-called drug-related violence” does little but add one more statistic to the drug hype, justifying the hiring of more law enforcement workers and adding to the Supreme Court’s list of excuses for putting greater restrictions on our constitutional rights.

Drugs do not cause crime. The illegal status of drugs causes crime. Prior to the enactment of the Harrison Act, the first real attempt to control drugs, there were no drug-turf wars or drive-by shootings. Nor did we have people committing thefts, burglaries, robberies and murders in order to obtain drugs, or money for drugs. It has been repeatedly proven that “drug related crime” increases and decreases in direct proportion to the illicit drug prices index. That index, in turn, increases or decreases in direct proportion to the severity of punishment being meted out to drug traffickers by the government for controlled substance violations at a given time.

Concerning my future abstinence from drugs- not a chance. While I have been drug-free during the first two years of my incarceration –and will remain drug-free until released– that is only because I am in close quarters with a population of eager stoolpigeons. I look forward, however, to being able to, exercise my personal choice to use drugs again after being released, regardless of the then-current penalty. Think my viewpoint is one of the prisoner minority? Don’t bet on it. I’ve met thousands of drug traffickers and addicts and I’ve never seen one go straight because he/she was worried about prison. I am living proof that prison is not a deterrent, nor will it ever be, no matter how lengthy the prison sentences become. And 99% of drug related prisoners feel the way I do.

If you want more “drug-crime” in terms of both quantity and severity, then by all means keep pushing for tougher drug laws, and don’t let stand in your way the fact that your taxes will have to be continually increased to pay for the prisons, guards, police , prosecutors and judges.

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no chance of winning the War on Drugs. Congress and the /general Accounting Office have admitted as much; any sane person knows it.

America could build prisons until they run out of bricks and bars and still there would be no foreseeable victory in the war on drugs. The only feasible solution to the “drug-related crime
” —caused by illegal status of drugs— is controlled legalization to remove the illicit profit margin.


This is how it is. I myself have been saying this for many years. Take heed and push the worthless wealth building congress to fix this.

Rest in peace brother. All is forgiven as the Lord has asked it to be and I have as a faithful servant of Heavenly Father have done so.


US Schools Ratings Lower than Low !

I just saw my city area school ratings and that pissed me off!


I live in Wichita,Ks and in a decent part. I expected our schools to be at least good. Hell no! They suck. Why so bad ? This ain’t no large city full of loser gang bangers. Sure we are the biggest city in Kansas but that is not saying much when it comes to big cities.

We have our gangs and low income areas but nothing like KC or St Lois. In fact there is nothing much low income about where I live in Wichita. Just middle income hard working people but not them 60K to 175K middle types.


  Kansas is rated at 23rd in US and Wichita schools in my neighborhood are rated 2.5 out of 10. Disgusting. This is just not acceptable. We spend a lot of money in schools and should get a decent return.
the US is going to crap with all this liberal garbage being taught. Gay friendly classes. How not to be a bully classes. Snowflake 101. Wat the hell is wrong with learning something useful ?

World Ratings

  The US is rated 17th in the world ! This is so outrageous that we should be focusing on it far more than the middle east or other garbage we spend our tax dollars on. How about keeping all that cash we give to Palestine that they openly say they use to fund Hamas the terrorist organization. Think maybe that money would be better put to use educating our kids instead of terrorizing us and our friends ?

 Well this just sucks and I don’t have time to rant any further today but here is some links for you to check out on the matter.

Best and Worst Schools in USA

US schools suck

Best schools in world rankings

antifa terrorists attack family

How To Deal With ANTIFA Terrorists | by Rev Marcus

Protect Yourself Against the ANTIFA Terrorists

The ANTIFA are terrorist thugs that claim to be fighting racism. The truth is they are racists using stupid white people to back them. The left wing politicians support their violence against what they claim is Republican racists. With the support of left wing politicians and police chiefs the ANTIFA thugs are empowered with free reign to attack anyone they wish without much fear of arrest.

You need to learn how to not be a victim of these black thugs and their white bitches and protect yourself against the ANTIFA terrorists.

The news is full of their violent acts. they are cowards that attack those they know they can over power. They do not go one  on one. They come in groups and many attack one person. this si how cowards fight. this is how all gang bangers fight. this is how ISIS fights.

Be Prepared When you Protest

Protesters need to come prepared. these thugs will attack you just for being White. they will attack at any protest not just racist ones. You need to come with defending yourself against possible death. Do not think you will be spared because your protest is non violent and non racist.

Personally I would always carry a gun with me and unlike the Charlottesville protesters I would open fire on the thugs when they attacked. How ever if you fear prosecution by a liberal authority for defending yourself there are other less deadly alternatives that work nicely.

I grew up on the streets as a 100 Lb kid. I was always being attacked by bullies like ANTIFA. I learned early on to be ruthless and deadly in my defense. You will rarely find me without a razor sharp hunting knife on me if I know trouble could be ahead. I always carry a razor sharp folding knife of the quick open type. I also carry a .44 on my hip old west style. I also will use any of them and have many times.

Personally I think these thugs should be killed on contact. Anyone that runs into them should kill them. They deserve no less than that and will certainly try and do it to you. How ever if you do not wish to fight back in a lethal way then you should carry bear spray.

Do Not Confuse Bear Spray With Pepper Spray

Bear Spray 2% MC Bear Spray is the thing that will put any thug on his knees crying in pain. 2% is the maximum you can get. It burns like fire for a long time. It will blind the thug for quite a while and make it very hard to breath. It may cause severe problems with thugs that have breathing problems but why care? They don’t care about your well being.

Pepper spray is far weaker than bear spray. Do not waste your time with that. you need to knock that thug to his knees along with his friends. Bear Spray will do this.

Axe Handle

One of my favorite things to cause mass damage in a hurry. I have one I call The Bone Crusher 2000 Anti Thug Stick. It serves two purposes. If you hit with the flat side it causes lots of pain and will damage muscle and bust facial bones and teeth.
If you use the edge it will break any bone it hits like snapping a toothpick.

You need to have a weapon that is more powerful than the the thugs have. they have large sticks for clubs and bats. Some are carrying axes and machetes.

Chain Saw Blade

Not really a blade but a vicious chain that will rip the skin off a thug in a very painful way. Their mask will not stop that nor will a shirt. Attach the chain to a pipe or dowel rod with clamps or nylon ties. One good slap will send blood flying and the other cowards will back off.

Primary Chain

Primary chain from a big bike like a Harley. A long time favorite of bikers. these are heavy and will bust bones. Hit the thug in the head and he will not be getting back up for more.


Never under estimate the power of a brick. I once had to fend off a car load of idiots that kept driving by and throwing bottles at me for no reason. I got a brick and when they drove by again one was hanging out the window getting ready to throw a bottle. I ran up and slammed him in the face. He fell out and his buddies grabbed his feet. They drove off dragging him. the cops said they did not think he would live. His face was crushed in.

Cops in Phoenix told me : ” good job” .



Pussy USA – Diplomacy Crap | Rev Marcus Killion Rant This

The Time for Pussy USA Diplomacy is Over

When will government learn that diplomacy is a waste of time when dealing with enemies that have one thing on mind and that is the destruction of the USA. The time for pussy USA diplomacy is over. We need action. If we continue to wait we will be attacked and we will once again do nothing much about it.

When NK has that nuke on a missile they will start a campaign of terror on us and others. They know once they have the nukes armed we will do absolutely nothing to them for anything they do because they will use the nuke on us.

North Korea nut case Kim has no problem nuking us. He is a crazy nut and the fact that it would mean him and most in his country would die is of no concern to him.

Here is what is going to happen. We are going to continue to use pussy sanctions on NK. It will do nothing but harm the citizens. Kim will attack South Korea non stop and most likely others in the area. We will do nothing about it because we know he will use the nukes if we do.

We need to nuke his ass now! It should have been done decades ago. Kim has already waged war against us. He does not need to attack to do this. His words were very clear. He is going to attack us. Are we going to do the usual pussy America thing and wait till he does ? Yes, I think we will.

We are so worried about others being attacked by the nut regime that we will not even protect ourselves. This is the problem we get from pussy assed liberals. We need to grow a pair and attack NK now. No rules. No prisoners. No diplomacy. No backing down and making a treaty.


We already got our ass kicked by NK once. We backed down just like we always do since pussy Liberals gained enough power to control the government. NK laughed and signed the “treaty” i.e. pussy surrender agreement.

Now NK has the upper hand. They know damn well that we are only a nation of words when it comes to them. They know we will never attack them because they have missiles pointed at SK.

Fuck SK and all the others in the area. We have to take care of us first. We can not allow NK to have a nuke on a missile. The only way to stop this is to nuke them first. A large scale nuke attack would render their missiles useless. They would not be able to launch shit at anyone. Yes the fallout would cause mass destruction of life. Who fucking cares. Sometimes you must kill a lot of people to keep from being killed.

The NK citizens should not be of any concern at all to us. We can not worry about them and continue to say ” it is their government not them”. They must die right along with their leader. Just like Japan, NK needs to be stopped. We stopped Japan and did not worry about the citizens. This is what we must do now to NK.


Stop Relying on China

China is not going to shit. Sure they signed onto the surrender pussy document for sanctions. How ever they have not nor will they do anything. They are still selling oil and power to NK. Their banks are still laundering money for NK.

China should be put in their place also. We need to cancel all visas to Chinese citizens. Toss out all Chinese diplomats. Take back all land bought by China in America. Stop imports of all Chinese products.
This will make China act fast to cut ties with NK. It would cripple China.

China is the reason that Iran and NK have nukes. The nukes they have are Chinese made. China sold them the technology. China wanted them armed with nukes as they are another cog in the Chinese military power grab. China is expanding greatly. They built an island and a base in Africa. They have plans to be the leader of the world.

The End of America

My guess is that Liberal pussy politicians will once again have their way and we will pay NK to be nice. We always pay or enemies to be nice in the end. Republicans in congress will bend over for the Liberals as they always do.
We will pay a great price for this. Death and destruction is coming. It will start with SK and others and expand to us.

NK will start attacking our ships and bases in the area. We will of course do nothing much about it. the beginning of the end

Dems New Plan, Copy Trump | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

Dems Trying to Hide Obstruction Platform

So the party of no and obstruction has a all new plan. they are on the cutting edge of politics. Their plan, copy Trump and claim it is their own invention and only they have attempted it.

Great idea. As the head mouth piece for the loony party Chuck Schumer said that it worked for Trump so it is going to work even better for Dems. Chucky Cheesy said that they are redoing their ideas. They are going to be for jobs, economy and infrastructure and fair trade agreements.

Yep we believe you Chucky. Out of nowhere Dems will now stop the socialism push and the lies and discrimination and turn to a party of yes. No more “we will oppose Donald Trump at every opportunity” no matter what bad comes from it.

Chuck says that Dems are willing to work with Republicans. On health care they are ready to come to the table. As long as the table only has their ideas and no opposition. Chuck says the Republican plan is rotten at it’s core. He is right about that. The Republican HC plan is nothing but Obamacare with a few small cuts and a bunch of money tossed in.

Chucky says that healthcare can be fixed easily. Repealing the great Obamacare is a bad idea. Yes, because it takes away from the famous Obama legend. Dems could no longer brag that they created the greatest health care system America has ever seen. Never mind the fact that it has failed miserably.

Dems claim Obamacare is amazing and only needs a little tweek. they are crying that Republicans will cause 33 million people to lose coverage. Yep them 33 M are the ones that can afford it because they pay nothing and the rest of us that can’t afford Obamacare pay for it.

Dems claim we are the only country that does not guarantee health care for everyone. Citing UK as a great example. Yes they have it going on. No care beyond basic if you are elderly , infant or very ill. You just die. You can not even use your own money to buy medical treatment because that is not fair to those who do not have the money to do it.
( Oh wait, that is exactly what we have with Obamacare laws )

Chucky says on jobs all we need to do is raise the minimum wage to $15.00 hour. Yep completely different from their old plan which was to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour !
Let us not forget what happened to Washington when they made this moronic move. They claimed more jobs would pop up but in fact they lost hundreds of thousands of jobs by doing it. Now they are crying and trying to cover it up with fake misleading stats.

Seems $15.00 an hour for every tiny business is not doable. It seems that the local french fry bag stuffer is a bit over paid at that price and customers are not willing to pay $6.00 for a small order of french fries. Who would have thunk it ? Certainly not Democrats.

On to infrastructure. Chucky Cheesy has this covered also. Dems have a plan to give President Trump. A trillion dollars for infrastructure. We have not seen it of course just like Obamacare but you can bet it is a great plan. Well funded with all our tax dollars. ready to put millions of people to work at them “shovel ready” jobs.

Remember them “shovel ready jobs” ? Seems there were none. We did however pay other countries companies to come here with their employees to build a lot of failed green crap.

Also the way Dems pay for this trillion dollars is of course by adding it to the national debt and passing it on to our kids to worry about. This is what they always do. Then they tax  tax tax and take payoffs from their liberal friends in business.

Well good luck getting your voter base back. Your plan to bring back “people of color” and others is not going to work because they left you over your socialist crap and your lies. They are not fooled by your lies. They know you only want to make your buddies wealthy and could care less about the little guy. They are sick of the obstruction to the process. That is all you really are about.

A Word on John McCain

Sad that he has this incurable brain cancer. Even a tiny tumor with this type is deadly and there is no treatment that works. the experimental treatment he hopes for is only available after all other treatments are done which of course makes it a bit late to work well.

That being said this is a great thing for the people. he will be out of the Senate. His only goal in there was to gain wealth. He is nothing but a Democrat suck up. Useless as a tit on a bird. No better than Pelosi or Reid.  Very glad to know he will be out of the process. Would have liked to see him go out by way of voters but at least he will be gone.

I’m Willin’ Just Give Me Weed Whites & Wine | Rev Marcus Truck Driving Mother Fucker

Driving Life For Your Living 



Willin by Little Feat – Give me weed whites and wine and show me a sign .. truck driving before liberal loser assholes stuck their no knowing asses into our business Willin by Little Feat

Not the original but the Black Crows are so good …. Willin’

Driving the back roads so I wouldn’t get weighed. Do it everyday still.


People driving cars and pickup trucks or giant travel trailers can stay up for a fucking week and be legal but we are too dangerous after 11 hours !


One day the civil war will break out as it should. On that day you better run for your underground hideaway. We will be coming for you

These people have never been in or around a truck but think they know everything about trucking but they know nothing. They stay up for days doing whatever drugs it is they do to stay awake while making laws that affect the country. I say give all them a drug test twice a week.


double clutching gear jamin’ coffee drinking nuts

Red Simpson – Hello I’m A Truck – written by Robert Stanton



Facebook is Now Shit Book | by Rev Marcus Killion

Facebook changed their name to Shit Book

A much more appropriate name for a Liberal shit site . You can be assured that Shit Book will never allow any free speech from anyone who is not a Liberal or non White. You can safely threaten White people or any Republican without fear of being put in Facebook jail.

You can post your violent videos depicting blacks or latinos assaulting or murdering Whites or your favorite video of a politician being attacked. Feel free to make threats or offer bounties or rewards to people who will commit violence against the non Liberals. Don’t worry we only report Republicans to the authorities !

Here at Shit Book we will make sure all Liberals have a wonderful time being the violent haters that they were born to be without any reprisal from the racist dreaded Republicans. We are committed to making our Shit Hole a place where no White Republicans can say anything that is not absolutely positive about any Liberal no matter what the Liberal has done.

Got a video of a big black ghetto thug beating the shit out of a White lady in a place of business ? Great ! Post it ! We will do our best to make sure everyone sees your wonderful video.

Got a video of a White person beating a black ? Well you better not post here or we will delete your post, suspend your account and put you in Shit Book jail and turn you in to the authorities for your hate crime. Shit Book will not tolerate any videos or words against non Whites no matter what the non White did.



Muslims, How to stop the terror in your country

Muslims, How to stop the terror in your country..

First off American and Europe have a major problem in stopping it. We watch people who are known to be affiliated or talking to ISIS and others. Why ? Execute them. They are terrorists. We watch until they actually try or succeed in doing their job. Then we move in. WTF ?

Anyone who supports Sharia law should be charged with high treason and executed. Sharia law demands the overthrow of all other governments. This is treason !

If an an American citizen started proclaiming they had a plan to overthrow the government and was actively pursuing that they would be arrested and charged fast. But Muslims openly proclaim and fight for the overthrow of our governments and nothing is done about it.

Most homegrown terrorists have been watched and were known to be radicals. Why are they allowed to remain in your countries ? Why are they not arrested and put away for life or better yet executed ?

All the whining going on about treating terrorists badly. Hey dumbasses, the Muslims know how to treat them. They execute them.

9mm Use , Stupidity | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

9mm Is Just Not The Right Tool

Okay here we go . Everyone wants a nine. Everyone also wants a preacher to be civil and not use dirty words or insult people who are morons.. but that ain’t happening here you bleeding heart panty waist fuzzy bunny pussies. Rev Marcus pulls no punches for anyone and the truth will not be quelled !

9mm use is stupidity for defense. You are not using the right tool. A nine is fine for blasting through shit and hitting someone on the other side. It is fine for general shooting fun. When you want to kill some fucker that thinks he has the right to murder you or others then you need a real bullet.

A nine is good but make sure you use a round like a hollow point or other round made to expand and tear stuff up. You can find good advice at OUTDOORHUB

A common 9 mm round ( seen in photo to right ) is not good for stopping power. 

A nine is fast. It cuts through like a ice pick. It goes in and out at about the same size. If you shoot some guy with a nine you better hope you hit a vital organ like his heart or he might just take your nine away from you and beat your ass with it.

A lot of people shot with a nine can just walk off. This is because the damage done is negligible unless you hit a vital organ. If you hit them in an area with no vital parts like an artery or organ then you really have done no damage. You need to tear up something to make a big difference.

A report from the FBI found at Grand View Outdoors says a nine is the thing for law enforcement. This is because of accuracy, weight, availability and cost and other factors. They need to keep distance between them and a thug. You probably won’t have that option in everyday life as a civilian. So you want stopping power up close. Besides a huge hole in a thug makes a great pic for the family Xmas cards !

A hole the size of pencil through your arm is not going to harm you much.

Cops and thugs and everyone else went to using 9mm. This is because it is fast and small enough to load a clip with a sufficient amount of shells to keep the fight going. How ever this is a false sense of safety.

How to Stop a Person

The thing is that when you need to stop a person you want a bullet that stops them. Cops used to use a .38 . Yep the good old revolver that was the big deal before clips came around. You young people probably don’t know what one is except that you see them in westerns.

The .38 packs a punch. Do not under estimate it. It was the choice of law enforcement for a reason. At the time we did not have 9 round clips and nines. Basically it was a .38 , .22 , .44 …  The .38 was cheap and moved slow but when it hit it hit with an impact that did damage. Fast is not always the best thing. Sure fast goes further but slow hits harder.

When a .38 hits your ass , especially if it is a hollow point , it spreads out. In fact it spreads out as it leaves the barrel of the gun. A short barrel makes the bullet tumble or wobble as it leaves. The bullet then does not just poke a nice clean hole but rips it’s way in. If a hollow point it spreads open and gets bigger. This makes it rip an even bigger and nastier hole.

Just think poking a needle through a piece of paper as opposed to stabbing a broken off stick through the paper . Which is doing more damage ?


On To My Real Rant

People, mostly bleeding heart pandering to losers liberals are always crying because their beloved thugs were shot 14 times by the cops. ” Why did they have to shoot my little boy 14 times”? Well to start off with he deserved it because he is a fucking violent thug that needed to be killed . I for one am glad your little angel is with Satan now instead of terrorising the people.

Then there is the cops view on it.

Cops are just like anyone else. Well anyone that is not a pussy pandering liberal that thinks a murdering thug should get a hug instead of a bullet. They are not going to give some thug an advantage and allow him to be able to kill them. The reason they shoot many times is because that thug needs to be stopped. If not he would simply if he could return fire or use some other method to kill cops or others.

The folly here is the 9mm. Sure it is cool and holds lots of shells. It also can not stop much. Cops have to shoot 14 times just to take a person down. They could do it with one shot from a .38 at close range. They could do it with one shot from a .44 at close range. A .45 would do it at close range even if you hit them in the foot. There is a good reason for this.

Like I said a nine goes in fast. It is used because you do not have to be close to hit someone. It goes far , fast and accurate.

A .38 needs close range. Dangerous from a cops point of view. It is slow and won’t go far. As such it is also not very accurate. Accuracy requires fast, sleek ammo. A arrow is accurate , a brick is not.

A .44 is also very deadly. It is a bit faster than .38 and larger and hits hard. It will kill your ass. It will rip a hole in you that does major damage. It will not go far.

A .357 is also a very deadly round. It comes out and spreads. It is also not real fast but hits hard and rips a huge hole and the ripping is what these rounds and others do that makes a difference.

A .45 can kill you even if it hits you in the foot. The fucker is big. It hits with an impact the is unreal. It ain’t fast or accurate. It is just the right size and velocity that it has an impact that shatters your nervous system. That impact can kill you even if it hits no vital organs. This fucker is the king of killing. A .45 cal machine gun is the dream of the Bonnie and Clyde crowd. The only draw back is the size and weight of the round.

Then on to the nine. Small. Fast. Goes far. Can be loaded in a 30 round clip with no problem. It is used for these reasons. How ever as I have stated it goes in and out at the same small size. Not going to do much damage so they must shoot many times to knock down the average pissed off thug.

So you dumb asses think your ” little angel ” was a victim of police brutality and racism when in fact he was the victim of your lousy parenting and his own thug mentality and the all the holes that he certainly deserved to get are the fault of the need to stay a safe distance away from the ” the little angel ” and the soft damage of the preferred round.


Use a Round That stops !

My opinion is all cops should go back to carrying a .44 or .45. Sure it holds a few less rounds and weighs more but when you shoot the democrats ” little angel”  it will kill his ass with one round or at least knock him down and rip a hole through his ass the size if your fist. If a hollow point it will come out the other side like a fucking softball from hell was pitched through his ass.

My cousin was hit by a pile of shit , for no reason, around the corner from me with a .357 magnum. Right in the thigh. Damn near tore his leg off at about 30 feet.

Do not be a trend setting cool guy. Sure the nine is the ghetto gangsta thing but when you want to protect yourself or your family you do not want to be showing off your ” I want to be like a nigga gangsta that listens to rap music” persona.

Get a real gun. Use the nine when you want to rip off a bunch of shots. Use a real shell when you want to put someone down.

The scariest thing in the world you can pull is a shotgun. The size of the hole has been proven to be detrimental to people. A 12 or 10 gauge is not something people will want to face. Just that will deter most people. It also is a great weapon.

In your home you need a 12 gauge pump or automatic street sweeper type. . The first shell should be either double ought buck shot or a slug. This is because when an intruder comes in your home you need to hit his ass. All you need to do is shoot the wall or door and it will go right on through. If it don’t hit them it will most likely make them run for cover. Then the next couple loads can be regular loads and then another 00 load.

I can assure you if you shoot it at him he is not going to fare well. If you never seen what happens to a person hit with a shotgun you just can not imagine what the damage looks like. It is horrible. Skin and meat gone. Imagine your arm with nothing but bones.

My friend was shot from about 5 feet away with a 12 gauge loaded with bird shot. His hand and arm up to the elbow had almost no meat or muscle. His side was gone. Imagine taking a basketball size piece out of your side ! From under your ribs to your pelvis. All he had was skin wrapped around the bone in his hand and arm and a big empty place where his side used to be.

Hop on over to BestGore and check out some very nice pics like the one to the right of a person shot with a shotgun

So stop whining when a cop uses 14 rounds to stop a thug. You know who the thug is. It is your little angel that is “just misunderstood and and was a straight A student or a football player”  Well until he decided to turn into a gang banging violent thug. ” It is simply because a nine will not stop shit. Not even your angel. They have to unload on him to make sure he does not get up.

Using a nine is like using a tazer on a PCP twisted psycho. Waste of time. A tazer would not stop thug on PCP even if he was standing in a water puddle wearing steel wheeled roller skates. ( for you youngins , that is roller skates us old farts had back in the 60’s and before. They had steel wheels and a steel body that locked to your shoe.) He would not even catch a good buzz off of that.

When you shoot someone with a nine it is only to make a statement not to kill them. It is good for that.


The .22 is Fun

Hey on another note …. A .22 cal. Everyone thinks they are like a BB gun. Well I can tell you that it is far from that. A .22 is very fast. It is small and like the nine it puts in a small hole.

Here is the difference. Sure it rarely kills but something overlooked here is the damage done. When you get shot with a .22 it really does not hurt unless hitting you in eye or perhaps the a bone or it bounces off bone and rattles around in you. It goes thorough quick like a poke of the needle from the doc. It does how ever burn. That fucker is fast and hot. The lead burns. That is all you really feel.

The thing is that a .22 ricochets. When it hits bone it jumps around. A .22 short is good for this. It might hit you in the thigh and come out your toe. A .22 shot from a short barrel like a revolver or a rifle with the barrel cut off ( my favorite toy back in the day ) tumbles on the way out. This makes it bounce around inside a person. This can do major damage.

A friend of mine, was  shot above the knee with a old Ruger while sitting in the car. He dropped it on his lap and it went off. It spiraled down his leg and came out above his foot. Funny thing is could not go to hospital so they took him back to the house and squirted vaginal infection cream in the holes. Hey, it worked !

My favorite toy was a 15 round nylon Remington 22 . It held 15 rounds in the stock. Cut the barrel off to 1 1/2 inches . Just enough room to hold the .22 long rifle.
Filed down the trigger assembly so all needed was to lightly touch it and it would fire. That long rifle came out the ” barrel ” spinning. At about 20 feet it would rip a hole in 3/4 inch ply board the size of a 50 cent piece.

Head over to Calico and check out their fun toys. Small , fast , lightweight 100 round .22 pistols

Oh , your little angel , I hope they shoot him 300 times. 

By the way God does not care if you defend your self. ” Thou shalt not kill” is for murder. God has no problem with you defending your life or your families life or even a strangers life.

” Turn the other cheek” does not mean that you let some thug murder you for your watch. It means that if someone wrongs you then you just forgive them and do not seek revenge. If someone were to talk shit about you or do some other thing that was screwed up and pissed you off but did not threaten your life then you should “turn the other cheek” and let God deal with them.

If someone tries to kill you or harm you physically then God is okay with you defending yourself. You need to understand the word of God. You need to realize that words used do not always mean what they read as but have have other meanings. just like “cool” does not just mean “cold” or  “bad” does not always mean “wrong”.

Please use your defense with great discretion. Not just because killing hurts others not just the person who deserves it but because the authorities may just make you suffer for doing what you had to do. Always evaluate the situation and use the appropriate action.

Sometimes it is just better to let it ride. Sure the guy will brag that he punked you out and you did nothing but God will deal with him in the end and you will not be in prison. Weigh out the matter. Is snuffing the punk worth going to prison over?  If it is , kill the thug.

God Bless You !

Do not miss my next Rant !

I plan on ranting about The Wages of Sin is Death. No it is not. At least not death as you think it is.

While you are here check out some other rants. Try these rants to start off with










Black Jesus and Other Racist Stuff | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

Linked Article Written By A Racist

Don’t Forget to SHARE !                                                                                                                                                
Keep in mind that this article is NOT directed to black people as a whole. It is in answer to a certain group of black people. They know who they are.



Well as I was pointed to this article by the black racists who of course hate anything not black.  I thought I would dissect their page a bit. This comes from a forum of black people talking about how Jesus and everyone else in the world is actually black.

Reading the first sentence in the linked article shows you that it is written by a racist and therefor should be discounted. You can not trust that he did not manipulate the text of studies or leave stuff out.

There is good info in it but all can not be trusted.…/…/White_people.htm

Read more

Liberals Cry Over Death Penalty in Arkansas | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

The Untold Story of White Slavery in America

Dying For No Reason

Cry baby liberals in Arkansas are protesting the death penalty again.
“Boo hoo hooo, don’t kill our sacred murdering lunatics. They have done nothing to deserve being treated like this”. Say the pandering pussies.

They claim the reason for the upcoming execution of 7 people is “macabre”.
The reason the men are being executed quickly , within 10 days of each other is that one of the ingredients used to put them down [Midazolam] is about to expire and they need to use it up.

Cry babies are crying and stomping their feet because Midazolam has been used in several “gruesome botched executions” in the past. Unlike the kind humane way these murderers executed their victims.

Read more

Pepsi Bows Down to Losers | Rant This Rev Marcus Killion

Peaceful Protesters

Pepsi pulls new commercial showing a protester giving a cop a Pepsi and the crowd cheers.
Okay then, the left wing nuts have cried once again and the big company, Pepsi, bowed down to losers. This is the problem Pepsi, you and others bow down to a small minority of losers that only whine because they know they can force you to do something. They have no cause. They are not upset. They are just trouble makers looking for someone to mess with. Most of them are simply followers running behind the bought and paid for George Soros trouble makers.

The lefties claim some crap about it is insensitive or just wrong and racist … What ?
Somehow they got “black violent protesters” out of this commercial.
Where from?
Last time I took a look Kendall Jenner was just a bit light to be black and on top of that the commercial was not full of black protesters. Look at the photo I posted.

In fact the trouble causers are really whining because the commercial did not show a bunch of black protesters being violent. They do not like that. They demand that violence and racism be promoted.

Well sorry losers but you get no sympathy from me when all you want to do is promote hate.
Read more

Skanky Parents & Child with Leggings | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Parents With No Class on Continental Airways 

Skanky no class hoes should be forced to wear appropriate clothing if they want to be in public domains where other people are expecting a decent environment. This situation comes to light as parents of several teens allowed their daughters to wear leggings on a Continental Airways flight .
There is nothing wrong with leggings but it is simply no more appropriate than walking into the airport naked. These parents have taught their kids that this is okay. These no class parents no doubt walk around in inappropriate clothing all the time with no respect for others and decency.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and looking sexy but there is something wrong with doing it in an inappropriate manner. Damn people, you would not walk into the CEO’s office where you work dressed in an way that is not appropriate for the job, , would you ?
To the no class skank that was on the news saying a 11 year old girl is dressed right in leggings… What the hell is wrong with you ?
Leggings are okay on a 5 year old I guess but once you start getting towards puberty your parents should have the common sense and concern to make sure you are dressed properly. Read more

More Documents IRS Targeting Conservative Groups | Rant This Rev Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !Web Hosting

Judicial Watch Releases 695 Documents

Today Judicial watch released another 695 documents that prove the IRS was targeting conservative non profit groups. IRS agents admit to this in these documents. They also admitted to telling conservative groups to curb their political activities in exchange for “expedited consideration” to tax exempt status.
This is all at the direction of the Obama crime family. The anti American pro Islamic Sharia law spawn of a Kenyan terrorist gave the orders for the IRS to blatantly break Federal laws.

In 2015 Judicial Watch filed a FOIA law suit demanding records from the IRS in regards to their targeting conservative groups.
The IRS just happened to find “an additional 6,924 documents of “potentially responsive records” of which they have released the 695 documents.
The other 422 documents are being hidden and are not contained in the congressional database which the IRS created to house such documents.


Karen Schiller Admits to the Criminal Activity

Read more

Refugees Skyrocket Under Trump Admin | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Double the Terrorists Double the Fun

First off let me start by saying that not all Muslims are bad people by far. How ever the bad guys are using the refugee system to infiltrate countries and also the people that are highly prone to not hold American values are flooding in the country via this nonsense.

As usual you can not trust any politician and the President is no different than the rest. He is nothing but a puppet to the establishment and they just pulled his strings and put him in line. Refugees will skyrocket under the Trump Admin’s new actions.

WND has confirmed through a State Department spokesperson that the administration is set to more than double the number of terrorists “refugees” arriving in U.S. cities from the current 400 per week to 900 per week. Trump figures this is double the fun. I don’t think Americans are going to be very happy with Trump.

Get ready for it. Millions of Muslims from terrorist counties ( all Muslim countries) are going to be flooding in. You can bet your ass that they are going to be made up of almost entirely , at least 80% military age able bodied men.

Very few “refugees” are children and women. the vast majority have been men that should be fighting for their countries instead of running away and leaving the fighting to others, like us.

Thanks Trump you POS sell out!
Just another thing he has done to dishonor America.

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Chuck Schumer & the Nuclear Option | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Schumer & the Crying Liberals 

Chuck Schumer did as other Democrats have been doing lately and cried about the nuclear option. They say it is wrong to use it. Republicans are playing dirty even talking about it.

Well Chuck, seems you forget to tell Americans just who made that rule and who has used it against who. Maybe you forgot so I will refresh your memory.

The nuclear option was enacted by Democrats. The nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of 60 votes that it normally takes.

It stems from the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings.  It has been changed here and there along the way. Nixon when he was Vice President gave an opinion on it so Libs think that makes it a Republican idea but Nixon said it was only his opinion and not a rule.

Liberals like the infamous Barack Hussein Obama demanded that it be used against Republicans. Read more

Schumer, Lies, Health Care & Tax Reform | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion


Chuck Schumer Lies on This Week

When being asked about ACA this morning on< This Week with George Stephanopoulos, liberal liar and all around jerk of the left Chuck Schumer out right lies and  George does not call him out on it.


Chuck says in regards to TrumpCare being pulled that Trump said he was going to undermine Obamacare to make sure it failed. That is a lie. Trump said no such thing. What he did say was that he was dropping the issue and was going to let it fail on it’s own so that Democrats would own the ACA failure.
Read more

Are You the Product of Incest | Rant This



Who Mad Who

If we go to the beginning of creation, in the Old Testament we find that God “Yahweh Elohim” ( meaning “Lord God” ) created man to be of his image and to relate to Him.
Yahweh Elohim

Yahweh is the name of God as given to Moses at the burning tree.

Elohim means to fear as in “the highest being to be feared”.



If you do not have a bible to follow along I would suggest the King James version.
Plug for Amazon – If you do not have Prime you should get it. I have saved a ton of money over the years with free 2 day shipping.

Read more

Obama Wire Tap, Gone too Far | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

There comes a time when you just must RANT !

I don’t rant much, only 20 to 30 times a day. The rest of the day I spend screaming about stuff. Just wait till I open my You Tube Channel. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now on to that guy in the White House:

President Trump needs to get a grip. Sometimes taking things too far is not a good idea and the rest of the time it is probably not a good idea. The whole Obama wire tap thing has gone too far and is causing problems.

Too Far :

So where did too far start? Well you need to go back a little and examine what went on to bring this about.

Okay so Obama and his gang of merry liars led by the notorious queen of all lies, Hilary Clinton, got all mad and threw a temper tantrum because they lost the election.
Read more

Genuine Trash on Trial for Murder | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

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Genuine Trash

Well it seems there is no shortage of trash in Kansas. The pile gets bigger every day but I just do not have the time to keep up with it. Any way here is another lump to add to the garbage heap.

These two losers were arrested on suspicion of murder. They went to meet a home owner under the guise of wanting to rent a house from him. What they really wanted to do was murder him for his money.  After being let in the rental home they stabbed 86 year old Otto Meyer to death. Not for a a fortune but only to steal his old pick up truck and his check book.


The usual type of people who do this sort of thing are narcotics junkies. they will kill anyone for a couple bucks to get another pill. Occasionally the meth heads do it also and of course blacks are quite well known for murdering for a little of nothing.

So here we got a white guy and latina. Not your typical murdering duo. I am guessing narcotics. I have known quite a few narcotics junkies that murdered their girl friends, mothers and grand mothers just to take their prescriptions or the little bit of money they had on them. Typical murder is done with knives and hammers how ever one person I knew killed his girl, Lynn, with a screw driver to take her bottle of pills.

I got nothing against people getting high but anyone strung on narcotics should just be put down. In general they are broken and can not be fixed. A few can be fixed but not worth the time to weed them out. While we are at it might as well put down all the crack heads and most of the meth heads.

Here is you on the dope you can not handle –

If you can’t abuse it don’t use it but if you can’t do it and not become an addicted moron then don’t abuse it because you are to weak minded to be doing drugs.


These losers, like most addicted morons thought they were slick. So smart they are. They call up a guy about renting his house and then show up in front of all the neighbors and murder. Then drive off with his truck and try and cash a check of his. Probably took it to his bank, you know the one he has been going to for decades. Yep these genius’ probably thought no one would notice they were not an 86 year old.

First off you dumb asses, when you make a phone call it leaves a record of you and the person you called. Did they not teach you that in petty criminal 101 ?

You two are too stupid to be let loose on our streets. Extreme stupidity should be a death penalty offense.

Can we get an IQ test at age 5 and put down anyone that does not pass?

My prediction is girl testifies against guy. Amazing this is even allowed to be a factor in her sentencing as they both played an equal part. She will get no more than 12 maybe 15 years.

Guy will get most likely life or a 15 to 20 or some other nonsense that is going to end up netting him a grand total of 12 years in prison.

Just kill them on the court house steps after conviction and save us some money.


Special Interest Trash

Always keep in mind that the “liberals” I rant about are almost exclusively rich white politicians and a few that are people of color. I am not particularly ranting about the average citizen as they are the target of these politicians who use them for their political gains.

The problem with this garbage is it just keeps getting tossed back out on the streets.

Here is some genuine trash that is on trial for murder. The kind of trash that Liberals demand we treat with respect. The kind of trash that will do 10 or 12 years in prison while some person gets 20 years for a non violent crime. The kind of person Obama pardoned when he left office. The kind of person that Liberals will call you a racist over if you say anything bad about him. Yet when you say something bad about other trash they remain silent because that is not conducive to their pandering.

The kind of person that liberals want to get special sentencing treatment because all he did was murder a white man. Had it been the other way around, liberals would demand white man never see the light of day again. 

Of course this is not what liberals really think. They actually hate this man just because of his race. Liberals are the biggest bigots out there and have mastered the art of brainwashing.
They use pandering as a tool to keep people under their thumb. These people just do not realize they are being used by liberal politicians. 

Keep in mind a few things about Liberals. The original haters and oppressors. The ones who fought to keep slavery. The founders of the KKK. The ones who fought civil rights. The ones who whitewashed all references to their atrocities from the history books your kids get in school.

Well I guess some of them figured it out as they dumped Hilary.

This is the liberals at work pandering to their main voter base which is the criminal element. They need them types of people to vote or they will not be elected. There are not enough decent people supporting them. This is why they want all felons to be able to vote even while still in prison.

This loser thug has no right to live on our dime nor to ever be set free for the atrocious crime he perpetrated upon an innocent man and his wife. This is of course if he actually committed the crime and is found guilty.

Anyone who would murder someone just to take their car is a total pile of garbage and should be put to death.

In fact if a person is convicted of major crimes of any kind more than 3 times they should be put in prison for mandatory life. They are either a career criminal that will never contribute anything to society or they are simply too stupid to be on the streets. If you can not get away with your crimes then you are too stupid to be doing them.

What Does God Say

Let God guide the conscience of the jurors and judge. For God knows how to deal with those of this kind and he has made it clear that this man must die for his crime and die at the hand of man.

In Genisis 9:6 God spoke to Noah about shedding the blood of man. It was in a speech about eating the flesh but still holds pertinence. 
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

Leviticus 24:17 
And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death

God says in Numbers 35:30 and 31 
“Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person [to cause him] to die.
Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which [is] guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death.”

and so it should be in the life of this thug. So shall he die for his sin against God’s child; if not by man who choses to ignore the commands of God then by God in the end when he is held accountable for his actions; for though his earthly body is not put to death by God his sole shall die, suffering eternal damnation.

The liberals will surely shield this thug from death as they are known to do. They think it is racist to make a non white person pay for his crimes. The death penalty rarely is put forth upon a black person as most states that have it { Kansas } will over turn the death penalty law or the sentence of the man before death is carried out. Carr brothers anyone?

But not to fear as God will make his sole die and forever suffer.

God may have mercy on his sole but not likely.

The thug will no doubt turn to God while in jail as most of them do while waiting to go to trial. Maybe even in prison if they think they have a chance of parole. But it is fake and God knows fake when he sees it.

I can’t count all the idiots I saw in jail that tried the ” I found God ” defense. Almost all who are facing big time. Might work on Liberals but not on God.

In New Jersey court on Wednesday, Jamie Friedland spoke about the night she witnessed her husband David’s murder in 2013.

Want more ranting to rot your brain? All you need to do is read Trump Accomplishments Since Taking Office . Liberals just hate it when you post about Republicans doing better then them.

When you are done reading that why not learn how to build your own website blog and make some money by blogging. Easy when you learn from the experts. Check out this free certification course

Trump 2005 tax return

Trump Tax Return on Rachel Mad Cow Show | Rant This

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Impeachment is Warranted

A couple things going on here..
This horrendous content may not be suitable for children . Rachel the mad cow apologizes for showing it but says the disgusting truth must be put out to the public.
First – OMG ! The crime of the century has occurred. We must repeal and replace Trump now! Impeachment is warranted for sure.
Just in BREAKING NEWS ! Trump tax return is shown on the Rachel Mad Cow Show . The fiery lying lesbian liberal { LLL} with a lousy mad attitude {LMA} i.e. incurable diseases , has just shown the damning evidence to prove that Trump is unfit to hold office.
Behold his 2005 tax return !
Well 2 pagers of it, but it proves he is a horrible person and a major criminal. Watch the video Rachel so heroically posted even though she knows her life could be in danger for defying the evil Trump. Woops , that is Clinton that seems to have all his foes come up dead. My bad.
Anyway watch this Revealing Video That proves Trump is up to no good.


  1. He worked hard and smart to make a great income of $150 million ( illegal under liberal law unless you are a liberal elite )

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Successful Liars | Rant This

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“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
Abraham Lincoln

This is why liberals get into so much scandal. They never stop lying even when outright caught on video doing it. Hilary Clinton is a fine example of a ” holier than thou” lying evil spawn of Satan. She gets caught lying and even making up outrageous tales that everyone knows is BS fantasy disillusioned garbage.

Yet on she goes with the lying and deceit. Never learning her lesson. Never admitting she has lied. Never even realizing that her fault lies within her own heart and that her memory like all others is flawed. She may not even know that she can’t keep her lies straight. She may know and just does not care because people that support her could care less if she lies to them. Brainwashed puppets from the audience at the Masters of Puppets show.

The successful liars will never stop no matter how many times they get caught. Their voter base just keeps on standing up for them and never seems to mind if they are being lied to even when the lies ar about murdering American citizens and blaming the matter on innocent people.

Wow check out this major event in lying ! Nancy Pelosi is caught red handed. She said she NEVER met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak but what is this? Looks just like a picture of Pelosi and her non existent meeting with Sergy.


Seems someone forgot to cover her ass ! Oh wait that is her face. My bad.




Claire seems to have a bit of a lying problem also or maybe she just forgot about this meeting:

woops !



Well there are so many of these liars i do not have enough web space to post them all.

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