I ain’t your grand daddy’s preacher !

I am an Equal Opportunity Ranter
I will get all sides of the isle

Who am I ?

  • I am the guy your mommie told you to hide from
  • I am the guy that serves God
  • I am Reverend Father Marcus Killion , duly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church , Modesto,Ca.
  • I am the guy that could care less what the oppressors think about what I have to say
  • I am the guy who will bring you the real story, with attitude
  • I am the guy who will not play to party lines. Your side ain’t safe from me

Got a request? I might rant about it

Got a rant? I might post it for you. Just send it in and I’ll decide what to do with it. I plan on having a left, right and other category. Forums coming soon so you can just rant away at whoever or whatever you want.