My Brother – Junkie – by Rev Marcus Killion

My Brother turned Junkie

Article Written by my Brother While in Prison for Dope


First I want to say that growing up I only had one real friend, my brother. Well I that is not true I had at age 5 a very good friend that was very sweet, Rhonda Smith. I met her again at age 13 and she actually knew who I was. Wish I could find her. She is the best.

I was mostly separated from as I was screwed up from a baseball bat to the frontal lobe at age 4. No one wanted me around but my brother always when we were together took care of me.

When I was tossed out on the streets with nothing but what I was wearing in California I made my way back to Kansas. I knew my brother would be there for me. I was mistaken as he was shot to the socks on narcotics and was quickly in prison after I arrived. He got out , went in…. He was not the same. My true friend was gone. I was lost without him and went back on the streets.

Anyway back to my brother. He was very smart. Took after my dad. He was a genius as I think my brother was also. My brother started on the dope. It ate his brain up. Turned him into a worthless pile of shit.

So sad. I loved him so much but hated him so much in the end. Wont go into details but I will say that narcotics are the end of a good person.

So a while back I posted on Gab about living most of my life surrounded by dope addicts. It was a true post that reflected what I saw and lived. Well I did toss in a little drama that I ended with “WTF ? Insane” this was to denote that I was just joking about that part.

Well on to this editorial. . . . .

My brother William Killion was very smart. The dope made him stupid. While serving a sentence for manufacturing Meth ( not the quick pseudoephedrine / anhydrous ammonia stuff but crank made from P2P and then turned into meth. A very complicated lab process) he wrote this article. Not the only one but it has to do with the dope scene and the laws as lived by a dope addict.

He also wrote other articles. One about my situation while we both sat in prison. That is another story that maybe I will share if asked to.

The article as Printed in High Times Magazine

The following is a picture from my phone of a copy I made of the article. I hope this brings some light on the real problem.

Now this is a sloppy post I am making but it will have to do.

The pic cant be enlarged so I will write the test here:

View From The Inside

I am a 35-year-old white male from a white -collar family. I’m educated, well balanced, rational, healthy and intelligent. I am also a “drug addict” who has been using drugs such as morphine.

Presently , I am serving a 63 month prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution located at Fort Worth, Texas, the result of a drug manufacturing and trafficking conviction. I have 33 months remaining on my sentence.

This is my fifth trip to prison because of my involvement with drugs.

If you’re wondering if I’ve learned anything of value from my incarceration, and whether I plan to abstain from drugs when I’m released, my answer to those questions are yes and no, respectively. (My note: This shows you how hard it is to get off narcotics. He knows he cant stop)

What I have learned is that the American people are largely misinformed with regards to drugs, crime and the war on drugs, the result of their brainwashing by propaganda passed off by officials who have a vested interest in keeping drugs illegal. Anyone who thinks otherwise had best wake up and take a look around. Do you really think that the government cars if some drug addict murders you to get the money to pay the high price for his drugs? Your untimely death from “so-called drug-related violence” does little but add one more statistic to the drug hype, justifying the hiring of more law enforcement workers and adding to the Supreme Court’s list of excuses for putting greater restrictions on our constitutional rights.

Drugs do not cause crime. The illegal status of drugs causes crime. Prior to the enactment of the Harrison Act, the first real attempt to control drugs, there were no drug-turf wars or drive-by shootings. Nor did we have people committing thefts, burglaries, robberies and murders in order to obtain drugs, or money for drugs. It has been repeatedly proven that “drug related crime” increases and decreases in direct proportion to the illicit drug prices index. That index, in turn, increases or decreases in direct proportion to the severity of punishment being meted out to drug traffickers by the government for controlled substance violations at a given time.

Concerning my future abstinence from drugs- not a chance. While I have been drug-free during the first two years of my incarceration –and will remain drug-free until released– that is only because I am in close quarters with a population of eager stoolpigeons. I look forward, however, to being able to, exercise my personal choice to use drugs again after being released, regardless of the then-current penalty. Think my viewpoint is one of the prisoner minority? Don’t bet on it. I’ve met thousands of drug traffickers and addicts and I’ve never seen one go straight because he/she was worried about prison. I am living proof that prison is not a deterrent, nor will it ever be, no matter how lengthy the prison sentences become. And 99% of drug related prisoners feel the way I do.

If you want more “drug-crime” in terms of both quantity and severity, then by all means keep pushing for tougher drug laws, and don’t let stand in your way the fact that your taxes will have to be continually increased to pay for the prisons, guards, police , prosecutors and judges.

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no chance of winning the War on Drugs. Congress and the /general Accounting Office have admitted as much; any sane person knows it.

America could build prisons until they run out of bricks and bars and still there would be no foreseeable victory in the war on drugs. The only feasible solution to the “drug-related crime
” —caused by illegal status of drugs— is controlled legalization to remove the illicit profit margin.


This is how it is. I myself have been saying this for many years. Take heed and push the worthless wealth building congress to fix this.

Rest in peace brother. All is forgiven as the Lord has asked it to be and I have as a faithful servant of Heavenly Father have done so.