Month: August 2017

antifa terrorists attack family

How To Deal With ANTIFA Terrorists | by Rev Marcus

Protect Yourself Against the ANTIFA Terrorists

The ANTIFA are terrorist thugs that claim to be fighting racism. The truth is they are racists using stupid white people to back them. The left wing politicians support their violence against what they claim is Republican racists. With the support of left wing politicians and police chiefs the ANTIFA thugs are empowered with free reign to attack anyone they wish without much fear of arrest.

You need to learn how to not be a victim of these black thugs and their white bitches and protect yourself against the ANTIFA terrorists.

The news is full of their violent acts. they are cowards that attack those they know they can over power. They do not go one  on one. They come in groups and many attack one person. this si how cowards fight. this is how all gang bangers fight. this is how ISIS fights.

Be Prepared When you Protest

Protesters need to come prepared. these thugs will attack you just for being White. they will attack at any protest not just racist ones. You need to come with defending yourself against possible death. Do not think you will be spared because your protest is non violent and non racist.

Personally I would always carry a gun with me and unlike the Charlottesville protesters I would open fire on the thugs when they attacked. How ever if you fear prosecution by a liberal authority for defending yourself there are other less deadly alternatives that work nicely.

I grew up on the streets as a 100 Lb kid. I was always being attacked by bullies like ANTIFA. I learned early on to be ruthless and deadly in my defense. You will rarely find me without a razor sharp hunting knife on me if I know trouble could be ahead. I always carry a razor sharp folding knife of the quick open type. I also carry a .44 on my hip old west style. I also will use any of them and have many times.

Personally I think these thugs should be killed on contact. Anyone that runs into them should kill them. They deserve no less than that and will certainly try and do it to you. How ever if you do not wish to fight back in a lethal way then you should carry bear spray.

Do Not Confuse Bear Spray With Pepper Spray

Bear Spray 2% MC Bear Spray is the thing that will put any thug on his knees crying in pain. 2% is the maximum you can get. It burns like fire for a long time. It will blind the thug for quite a while and make it very hard to breath. It may cause severe problems with thugs that have breathing problems but why care? They don’t care about your well being.

Pepper spray is far weaker than bear spray. Do not waste your time with that. you need to knock that thug to his knees along with his friends. Bear Spray will do this.

Axe Handle

One of my favorite things to cause mass damage in a hurry. I have one I call The Bone Crusher 2000 Anti Thug Stick. It serves two purposes. If you hit with the flat side it causes lots of pain and will damage muscle and bust facial bones and teeth.
If you use the edge it will break any bone it hits like snapping a toothpick.

You need to have a weapon that is more powerful than the the thugs have. they have large sticks for clubs and bats. Some are carrying axes and machetes.

Chain Saw Blade

Not really a blade but a vicious chain that will rip the skin off a thug in a very painful way. Their mask will not stop that nor will a shirt. Attach the chain to a pipe or dowel rod with clamps or nylon ties. One good slap will send blood flying and the other cowards will back off.

Primary Chain

Primary chain from a big bike like a Harley. A long time favorite of bikers. these are heavy and will bust bones. Hit the thug in the head and he will not be getting back up for more.


Never under estimate the power of a brick. I once had to fend off a car load of idiots that kept driving by and throwing bottles at me for no reason. I got a brick and when they drove by again one was hanging out the window getting ready to throw a bottle. I ran up and slammed him in the face. He fell out and his buddies grabbed his feet. They drove off dragging him. the cops said they did not think he would live. His face was crushed in.

Cops in Phoenix told me : ” good job” .



Pussy USA – Diplomacy Crap | Rev Marcus Killion Rant This

The Time for Pussy USA Diplomacy is Over

When will government learn that diplomacy is a waste of time when dealing with enemies that have one thing on mind and that is the destruction of the USA. The time for pussy USA diplomacy is over. We need action. If we continue to wait we will be attacked and we will once again do nothing much about it.

When NK has that nuke on a missile they will start a campaign of terror on us and others. They know once they have the nukes armed we will do absolutely nothing to them for anything they do because they will use the nuke on us.

North Korea nut case Kim has no problem nuking us. He is a crazy nut and the fact that it would mean him and most in his country would die is of no concern to him.

Here is what is going to happen. We are going to continue to use pussy sanctions on NK. It will do nothing but harm the citizens. Kim will attack South Korea non stop and most likely others in the area. We will do nothing about it because we know he will use the nukes if we do.

We need to nuke his ass now! It should have been done decades ago. Kim has already waged war against us. He does not need to attack to do this. His words were very clear. He is going to attack us. Are we going to do the usual pussy America thing and wait till he does ? Yes, I think we will.

We are so worried about others being attacked by the nut regime that we will not even protect ourselves. This is the problem we get from pussy assed liberals. We need to grow a pair and attack NK now. No rules. No prisoners. No diplomacy. No backing down and making a treaty.


We already got our ass kicked by NK once. We backed down just like we always do since pussy Liberals gained enough power to control the government. NK laughed and signed the “treaty” i.e. pussy surrender agreement.

Now NK has the upper hand. They know damn well that we are only a nation of words when it comes to them. They know we will never attack them because they have missiles pointed at SK.

Fuck SK and all the others in the area. We have to take care of us first. We can not allow NK to have a nuke on a missile. The only way to stop this is to nuke them first. A large scale nuke attack would render their missiles useless. They would not be able to launch shit at anyone. Yes the fallout would cause mass destruction of life. Who fucking cares. Sometimes you must kill a lot of people to keep from being killed.

The NK citizens should not be of any concern at all to us. We can not worry about them and continue to say ” it is their government not them”. They must die right along with their leader. Just like Japan, NK needs to be stopped. We stopped Japan and did not worry about the citizens. This is what we must do now to NK.


Stop Relying on China

China is not going to shit. Sure they signed onto the surrender pussy document for sanctions. How ever they have not nor will they do anything. They are still selling oil and power to NK. Their banks are still laundering money for NK.

China should be put in their place also. We need to cancel all visas to Chinese citizens. Toss out all Chinese diplomats. Take back all land bought by China in America. Stop imports of all Chinese products.
This will make China act fast to cut ties with NK. It would cripple China.

China is the reason that Iran and NK have nukes. The nukes they have are Chinese made. China sold them the technology. China wanted them armed with nukes as they are another cog in the Chinese military power grab. China is expanding greatly. They built an island and a base in Africa. They have plans to be the leader of the world.

The End of America

My guess is that Liberal pussy politicians will once again have their way and we will pay NK to be nice. We always pay or enemies to be nice in the end. Republicans in congress will bend over for the Liberals as they always do.
We will pay a great price for this. Death and destruction is coming. It will start with SK and others and expand to us.

NK will start attacking our ships and bases in the area. We will of course do nothing much about it. the beginning of the end