Black Jesus and Other Racist Stuff | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

Linked Article Written By A Racist

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Keep in mind that this article is NOT directed to black people as a whole. It is in answer to a certain group of black people. They know who they are.



Well as I was pointed to this article by the black racists who of course hate anything not black.  I thought I would dissect their page a bit. This comes from a forum of black people talking about how Jesus and everyone else in the world is actually black.

Reading the first sentence in the linked article shows you that it is written by a racist and therefor should be discounted. You can not trust that he did not manipulate the text of studies or leave stuff out.

There is good info in it but all can not be trusted.…/…/White_people.htm

Evolution- The White Man’s Racism is Black Man’s Truth

Their whole racist agenda revolves around evolution. Now evolution is of course racist if you are white and speak of it. How ever in the black community it is a fact and not racist except they they use it to somehow make them be a superior race.
As usual a double standard from Liberals.

Now these people are saying that everyone is black but also that blacks are superior to everyone else. Black is black unless it is white and then it is black but better than white that is really black.
That should clear it all up for you.

They say whites built nothing. Blacks built everything and whites stole it. ( you know, them black white black people). They claim they invented almost everything. They claim whites have never done anything for the black people. They claim we are just racists. They claim we are the reason they are poor and violent.

Of course I pointed them to every black city and country to disprove their superior nation building skills and point out who is responsible for their ghetto problems. That would be them and wealthy liberal politicians.

So let us look a this by the line.

    1. Whites built nothing
      This is quite odd since the great cities of Africa were built by the Europeans that went there.  No African ever built anything beyond a grass hut. They had no use for it.  Whites and others built the modern world. Blacks reaped the benefits of the African nations but of course like all peoples of color they ruined it and now blame it on others.
    2. Blacks built everything and whites stole it
      Okay then we already know from history that this is BS. Then stealing it is BS since it never existed in the first place.
    3. People of color invented almost everything
      Well to start off with people of color are not all black people so stop trying to claim their inventions. You can Go Here and see who invented what with the exception of whites because they can not put that info in there as that would be racist. Only “race” allowed to be included is of course “African- American”. ( another rant coming on that PC term for sure).
    4. Whites have never done anything for the black people
      Well let me just say to start off on this that whites do not owe you one damn thing and have no responsibility to do anything for you. You need to take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming your problems on others. No One is going to fix your life if you do not grab your boot straps and pull your self up out of the muck.
      That being said whites have done everything for you. You no longer live in a jungle in a primitive life. You get welfare and free medical care by the billions of dollars for life if you chose to be a lazy loser. You get protections under the laws ( from this white nation and Government) that whites do not get. You are free to be violent racists that are protected by the white mans law. Your people in Africa that are starving to death because they can not care for themselves ( some of that great superior race nation building ) are being fed, clothed, schooled, protected and given medical care by who? Oh yes , white people almost exclusively.
    5. Whites are just racists
      I will refer you to the above facts. Also to the FBI and state crime statistics that prove without a doubt that 94% of all hate crimes are black on white. Seems like the blacks lead the pack when it comes to hating others and also in being violent about it.
      This also goes back to that protection by whites matter. Hate crime laws do not protect white people from you. They only protect you from whites which we know does not happen very often at all. Oh and whites passed that law.
      I don’t have the space here to report on all the hate crimes and riots your people are involved in.
      Think on that the next time you laugh while watching your brothers beat the shit out some 90 year old white man in their Knock Out game. Sounds a bit racist to me.
    6. Whites are the reason they are poor and violent
      More nonsense of course. You are poor not because whites have you down and won’t let you be anything. It is because you choose to be a victim of your self. I could list tens of thousands of very successful black people but you would attack that by referring to them as uncle Toms or some other crap. You are your enemy.
      You vote for the very people that oppress you. Every hood is ruled by a Liberal. They always have been and you just keep voting for them. Does this not make you think that just maybe you should change who you have lead your community ?

Stop blaming all white people for the actions of a very few. We do not blame you for the actions of a whole bunch of black people. We do not trash you saying you built nothing. Most whites won’t even respond to your nonsense for fear of being called a racist.

  1. The big one – JESUS IS BLACK
    Holy shit. You are as dumb and ignorant as anyone can possibly be. Not only are the pushers of this nonsense nothing but racists you are following blindly behind them and no amount of proof can change your minds. I proved over and over to you that what you think is not correct. I showed you the words straight from the bible that you misquoted. I showed you the mistranslated words and their proper meanings. I explained the reasons for the bible versus meanings.
    The real amazing thing in this is that you are claiming to be Christians yet saying Jesus was descended from Africans through evolution. You can not have it both ways. He was either descended from Adam who was made by God or he was the product of evolution of an ape. Make up your minds. Although I am quite certain making up your mind is probably out of your realm of intellectual ability. Can you even tie your fucking shoes?

All Humans Are Black

All the beautiful black people

They say all humans are black because they evolved from black people. That is all fine and dandy but they fail to realize that many peoples evolved from Apes not just one race. Most died off but others split up and bred with other ape people and so on. So there can be no one black race to start off with. Unless of course you think that out of the thousands of different evolved peoples all of them but one died off and that only one type evolved in to humans with black skin.

Oh, and while I am on it , how do you think black people got black skin ?

I will tell you. It is from Melanin. Why do they have so much of it? Because Africa is hot and sunny. People needed protection from the sun. Albinos almost always die from skin cancer in Africa.

This may lend credence to people not all having black skin. Maybe Albinos are not the only ones who walked out of Africa with white skin. Perhaps like we know is probably the case other peoples evolved outside of Africa or ape/people walked out and then fully evolved into people that did not need the dark skin.

Your “everyone had to be black” theory does not hold water. Apes evolved into man and along the line got black skin as they lost their fur for some stupid reason. We need fur !
It is quite reasonable to assume that some of these ape people wondered right on out of Africa before evolving fully into modern humans. They would then evolve into humans in that area. They would die off or live. What makes you think they had to all die off and only ape people in Africa survived ?

Do you have some proof that no human ever evolved in any area other than Africa ?

OH WAIT ! News flash!! Humanoids found all over the place that were not full humans. Pokes a hole in your bag. They would have lost their fur and not developed dark skin as they did not need it. They also would likely have lived on in some cases. there simply is no reason to think that Africa is the only place on earth that a person could survive.

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. Most 5 year olds can figure this out.


DNA Studies

They point to DNA studies to prove their case. That does prove some things however not all things.
People did migrate out of Africa. They changed along the way over tens of thousands of years. They in fact changed from their original African primitive stance before migrating away, but not all of them. Some ape/people migrated right on out or was simply evolved in other areas to begin with.

It is absolutely insane to think that animals that wondered around would never in millions of years leave a tiny little spot in the middle of Africa. That is like saying that insects from the Alabama have never went to Georgia and would not even in a million years.

These ape people were evolved enough even when they still had fur to make tools. They were not sitting under a tree eating bananas all day. They were gatherers. Hobbits known to be at least 1.75 million years old had fur and made tools and guess what, they lived in other places besides Africa.

They became “smart” enough to walk away. They would otherwise still be there if not for dying off for what ever reason.

Then they have the problem that there is not perfect proof of anything that happened. Just bits and pieces and DNA samples.
How ever some of it is good info but to say that they can prove who migrated where is ridiculous.

DNA could not even show native American in my Family line even though I know for a fact that both my great grand mothers were Indians. So DNA analysis is pseudo science.

What they are looking for in the DNA of migrating Africans is certain things that show hair color and skin color. The whole study is basically nothing but that. It fails to address physical changes. They do not have the ability to really trace things down but must guess at a lot of it.

Primitive People

So anyway Africans were of course the same as they are now. Primitive people that never evolved beyond the jungle dwelling grass hut living people. In hundreds of thousands of years they have not changes one bit.
They never will. Just like their brown counterparts they will always be a primitive people unless exposed to a modern world by other races. This is what they were meant to be. They were not meant to be us. We were not meant to be them.

The people to the right are evidently the ones who built all the great cities in Africa and Europe.
I am guessing they are thinking “Get out of my jungle and go back to your world. We don’t want to buy any”.

It is not some big racist attack plan. It is simply the universe working like it does and none is bad or good we just are.

Africans of today (blacks not living primitive) are only in this modern world because of invaders to Africa bringing them out of their primitive life. The black people who moved on up to Egypt and such are not the same black people. They evolved from them black people in Africa but it ends there.

This is a fact and not some racist crap. It is just the way it is. Brown people are in the same boat.
When you look at the primitive people in the world you know that is what they were meant to be. They were not meant to be in our world or they would have done it them selves like the ones who evolved and walked out of Africa and became civilized.

Simply walking out of Africa does not make one civilized or primitive tribes would have never existed out of Africa.


On to evolving in Mid East

As people evolved they migrated out of Africa. These people are no longer the black people of Africa. They are a totally different race of people.
As an example if you call all people one race even if their skin is still black then you must also call all cats one race even though lions , tigers etc are in no way the same animal.

1 + 1 does not equal G. I know that is complicated for you people that think everyone is black no matter what color they are but try to grasp a hold of it.
The reason for this falls back on the fact that you were never meant to be in this world. You should still be right there in Africa living the primitive life.
No ,not hate just a fact of life.

When asked if they wanted to be in our world, and I witnessed this, tribal people said “no” because that is not their world and they do not belong in it. They also said that the reason all them Africans are starving is because they left their world and went to a world they did not belong in. They called them stupid for doing it.
That is very true and now we must feed them for ever as we have done now for almost a hundred years. We can give them all the technology we have. they can not really use it as they do not have to knowledge nor the technology to repair it or to even use it without someone there to do it for them. It is just far beyond their scope.

Same goes for us. We can not live in their world. We do not possess the knowledge nor the skills to survive in their world. We would live until we starved to death and that is all.

So as you can see these tribal people are not stupid. They know their world and our world can not be interchanged and neither of us belongs in the other one.

Evolved Africans Are Not The Same Black People

This guy goes on to point out that Africans evolved into Asians and the like. That is fine but leaves out some things like – These people are no longer Africans as they know them. They are not the black people in your town. They are a totally different race many times removed from their original black roots.

Not one race but many races many times removed from their original African race.

They changed due to genetic defects. The same thing that turned apes into man.
They changed due to mating with the other races of peoples and earlier with other races of ape/man humanoids.

These black people just can not seem to grasp this simple concept. They are so racist that they can not see beyond their black world. Any denial of their wrong ideas is of course racist as far as they are concerned.



Albinos are where white people came from or so they think but have some other observations also. They came from genetic evolution. Albinos were a great powerful race. Red hair. The rarest color. They have different amounts of melanin that makes them albino.
These albinos ( Budini) had made a great nation. They were so far removed from any black African jungle dwellers that mostly they did not even resemble them in any way. The nay sayers will show you pics of Albinos in Africa that have a faint look because of the wide nose.  They will not how ever describe a Albino that is many times removed as they do not look like Africans.

Many ” blacks ” are Albinos. you can go here and see some pics of Albinos and their families.

Now just for a reality check. These Budini Albinos were written about. We do not have to wonder about them. They were a great and powerful race. They had wood houses. They were smart. They were very modern for their time period.

Now the black racists somehow still say that white people are inferior. They also at the same time say they are actually black people. Does not take a masters degree to see how twisted their story is.

You are white (Caucasian). You are an Albino ( person with genetic defect of skin color). You are also black ( person who lives primitive life in Africa). You are also not black. You are also inferior to the blacks that you are also one of while being a Caucasian Albino.

Here is a good idea . If you wish to be a black racist and want people to believe your nonsense of superior nation building then you need to evolve about 100,000 years. This will catch you up with the rest of humanity.

Yes I know that sounds racist but it is absolutely true and correct.

Here is some reality in this article:
This is probably close to reality. Only problem with their story is that blacks are still in the jungle living like they have always lived in their primitive life. So how the hell do you think that they are the ones that built the world into a modern place ?

Your own evidence proves that blacks were primitive people. It proves some people are Albinos. It proves that Albinos that are many times removed from Africans built a great nation and built modern houses. It proves Africans did not build the great cities of Africa or the Middle East. You have only proven your stupidity.

All them big cities in Africa that you people keep pointing to as black accomplishments were built by Europeans. They came in and took over. You yourselves even complain about them stealing your land and wealth. Some of the ancient cities were built by black people that had evolved away from the normal African. They fell to ruin as lots of nations did.

Whitey Stole The Wealth

By wealth they mean what the land has in it and of course not what they had in the bank. By Whitey they mean white and non white Europeans. They did not know what a bank was nor what money was nor what a house was nor what a restroom was nor what what anything else more modern than blow guns and spears were.

They claim baths were the black invention. Whites did not bath because it was a sin. Of course at the same time tell that it was some Asian mongoloids or something that brought the bath to the white world. Oh wait, to Italy and other mid east places. i.e. NOT WHITE PEOPLE . Not that it matters because it is just another fairy tale. the sin thing came from some lunatic queen along the line and from others that thought bathing too much would make one subject to disease. A result of a plague.

Romans never bathed until the moors or who ever they say it was brought them baths. But primitive Africans took a bath every day in their sweet porcelain bath tubs in the jungle.

But somehow they built all things and invented almost everything. This is their words not mine.


Great Black Nations

There were great black nations in northern Africa and Mid East. These black nations were not made by the jungle dwelling primitive people. They were made by people more like Egyptians. They had evolved into modern man and walked on out of the primitive life.

Ultimately these nations failed like most do and disappeared. Yet the black racists that refuse to be what they are and want to be seen as something else ( I do not know why. There is nothing wrong with being what you are) quote these nations as being built by them. they were not. they were built by black people that evolved far beyond primitive Africans.


Primitive Shame

I have tried to explain to them that being a primitive people is no bad thing. It is not shameful. Primitive people are very skillful. They can do what almost no other man can. Survive in the wild. No one is as skillful as they at this. They do not nor ever did need our modern life nor our help.

They are happy. Most of their problems come from us. They were doing just fine till we invaded and tried to change them. Not to help them but to demand that they turn to our God and of course some had financial gain in mind.

It is a great accomplishment and I do not see why blacks do not praise it.
They are no less of a great nation than others who live in modern nations.


Pictures of Bones

So in this article you will see pictures of old skeletons. They then show a depiction of what the person would have looked like. Only problem is that the one skeleton has an elongated jaw of a simian. Very early humanoid. Hard to say they were completely modern humans when they still have the ape bone structure. So they must be a little older than is being said.

Blue Eyed Blacks
Yes they do exist. That being said it is another genetic defect coming into play. By defect that is not to say it is some defective gene that don’t work . Just one that has changed , evolved.

This they say is proof that white people are in fact Albinos and black. ( Remember you are not white. You are Caucasian , Albino, Black. But not too black as they seem to hate you because you are white ).

All I can say is I would not want to be that blue eyed black kid and live with blacks in America.

Also on that note them Albinos that wondered off from Africa did so to get away from racism.

The blacks killed them. These oh so modern enlightened nation building jungle dwellers were racist and idiots. Smart at living in the jungle but like all other primitive people including some modern Asians, they had twisted knowledge of some things. They thought Albinos had some magical powers so they killed and ate them. Others just hated them for being different and killed them.

Albinos moved on and became a great nation of peoples.


All the Pretty White People

They go on to show pics of white people in other countries. Some how again they think this is proof that these people were not only once black but are in fact black. Oh and of course a inferior race.

Problem is again that they have absolutely no connection in hundreds of thousands of years to any black person if they ever did.
They have no features of a black person. That black does not go away. Even after many generations removed white people that have blacks in their past pop out with the tell tale look of a Mulatto.


Who Built America

Well blacks of course say they did. No one else had any part in it. No one else invented anything here either.

So who did build America ? It was built on the sweat of many different races. It was built by Americans and non Americans that were here.
This in no way means any of them “built ” it. They were tools. Just as all of us working people are today. They did not build industry they worked in industry built by others.

The whites built most industry. They employed others (tools) to do the work they created. Workers are basically a wrench.

So no, black people you did not build America. You helped build it with your work not your industry creation skills.

This is why your racist cries of ” white people never did shit for blacks” is so ridiculous.
As I keep telling you, you would still be living in the jungle had whites and others not brought you out. Only Mid East blacks would not be in the jungle because they already evolved and walked out. You would not have left that jungle. All who evolved and left had already done so eons ago and they are no longer African black people.

It does not matter who evolved into whom. Once evolved you are no longer closely related to the being you evolved from as you are now a totally different being. Your relation is so far removed it is as different as a kitty from a lion and actually more than that.


You can read my follow up article to this entitled Evolution & The Black White Connection