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The Untold Story of White Slavery in America

Dying For No Reason

Cry baby liberals in Arkansas are protesting the death penalty again.
“Boo hoo hooo, don’t kill our sacred murdering lunatics. They have done nothing to deserve being treated like this”. Say the pandering pussies.

They claim the reason for the upcoming execution of 7 people is “macabre”.
The reason the men are being executed quickly , within 10 days of each other is that one of the ingredients used to put them down [Midazolam] is about to expire and they need to use it up.

Cry babies are crying and stomping their feet because Midazolam has been used in several “gruesome botched executions” in the past. Unlike the kind humane way these murderers executed their victims.

Who is Being Savagely Executed

Don William Davis
Sentenced to death in 1992 ! How long do we need to pay for this loser to stay in prison ? Kill his ass.
He was convicted of murdering Jane Daniel of Rogers by shooting her execution style with a .44 magnum. Why did he do it ? So he could steal her jewelry and some other items.
Yes treat him good he deserves it or so liberals say. He did nothing wrong.

His execution was halted in 2006 when he appealed it because lethal injection was illegal because it might cause pain and not instant death.
Not like the humane way he murdered his victim which was very nicely done.

Stacey Eugene Johnson
Another loser that has been allowed to live on tax payer money since 1990.
Jones was sentenced to death for raping and killing Mary Phillips and attempting to kill her 11-year-old daughter Lacey back in 1995.
Such a nice young man until the evil state convicted him and said he must die. His sentence keeps getting put off. He of course also does not deserve to be put to death especially with lethal injection. Would not want to cause him any pain as he did nothing to deserve that. His victims were not harmed at all.

Jack Harold Jones
What is he being mistreated for doing? Nothing much. Arkansas is just executing him for no good reason.
On June 6th, 1995, 34-year-old Mary Phillips and her daughter, Lacy, were attacked by this nice guy. He just wanted to rob them. So he robbed them and tied the daughter up to a chair while he raped and murdered her mother. then he choked the girl till she passed out and beat her in the head with his gun till he thought she was dead.
Hardly deserving of a horrible death by lethal injection. How about we just forget and forgive?Web Hosting

Ledell Lee
A fine man that has done no one any harm. He just had a small argument with an evil lady and he had to protect himself from her viscous attack.
On February 9, 1993, twenty-six year-old Debra Reese was found murdered. She had been beaten approximately thirty-six times with a tire thumper and strangled.
He was sentenced to death for the 1993 fatal bludgeoning of 26-year-old Debra Reese, having previously been convicted of two separate rapes in the Jacksonville, Arkansas, area. He was later accused of the strangulation murder of 22-year-old Christine Lewis in 1989, but a jury deadlocked, and prosecutors decided not to retry him after his death sentence for Reese’s murder.
Lets just pay for him to live his life out in prison or better yet let him go. he won’t do it again, he promises.

Bruce Earl Ward
Oh cry for the nut case. He is a fine person just happens to be a violent lunatic. Liberals do not want him to die because he is mental case. They say lethal injection might cause a death that is “prolonged, agonizing and grotesque “.
Well this schizophrenic nut can not be allowed to run loose as he is very dangerous. I think liberals should just house him in their homes instead of having him killed.

Convicted of the capital murder of eighteen-year-old Rebecca Doss. He just dragged her out of her store and into the restroom and strangled her. Apparently just to do it.
He also was convicted in the 1977 homicide of Janet Needham in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Another nice guy being tortured with lethal injection.

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Kenneth D Williams
The 35 year old, was arrested by police near Jefferson, Arkansas and charged with Escape-1st Degree, Battery-2nd Degree, Theft Of Property, Aggravated Robbery, Kidnapping, Arson, Capital Murder.
He was convicted of kidnapping and killing Hurd, and of kidnapping and assaulting her date, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. While serving that sentence at the Cummins Unit of the state prison system in Lincoln County, he escaped on Oct. 3, 1999.
He then murdered 57-year-old farmer Cecil Boren for his pick up truck.
Williams, 26, says in a 512-page letter to the newspaper that he shot and killed Jerrell Jenkins, 36, of Pine Bluff on Dec. 13, 1998, the same day that he fatally shot Dominique Hurd, a cheerleader at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
He also killed a man by way of traffic accident when he escaped from jail.
As you can see this fine young man does not deserve to be treated like some common criminal by the state of Arkansas.

Marcell W Williams
Yet another decent guy that will be tortured by Arkansas for no good reason.

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Sentence Length
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-3082 20 yrs.
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-3082 20 yrs.
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2977 10 yrs.
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2977 10 yrs.
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2977 10 yrs.
Theft Of Property 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2977 10 yrs.
Burglary 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2964 20 yrs.
Aggravated Robbery 01/30/1986 PULASKI 1985-2964 20 yrs.
Kidnapping 11/15/1995 PULASKI 1995-445 Life
Rape 11/15/1995 PULASKI 1995-445 Life
Aggravated Robbery 11/15/1995 PULASKI 1995-445 Life
Theft Of Property 11/15/1995 PULASKI 1995-445 180 mo.
Kidnapping 12/15/1995 PULASKI 1995-685 40 yrs.
Capital Murder 01/14/1997 PULASKI 1995-923 Death
Detainer Date Detainer Agency Charge Type Date Cancelled
03/13/1995 System Administrator GG. DCS 11/15/1995
03/13/1995 System Administrator -445 DCS 11/15/1995
04/17/1995 System Administrator NAPP DCS 01/14/1997
04/17/1995 System Administrator OB- DCS 01/14/1997
04/17/1995 System Administrator DCS 01/14/1997
What did he do to deserve this? Nothing much . Just kidnapped a girl, forced her to withdraw money from some ATMs and then murdered her.

We found God

Well most of these guys ” found God” while they were in prisons so liberals say they should be set free.

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