Skanky Parents & Child with Leggings | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Parents With No Class on Continental Airways 

Skanky no class hoes should be forced to wear appropriate clothing if they want to be in public domains where other people are expecting a decent environment. This situation comes to light as parents of several teens allowed their daughters to wear leggings on a Continental Airways flight .
There is nothing wrong with leggings but it is simply no more appropriate than walking into the airport naked. These parents have taught their kids that this is okay. These no class parents no doubt walk around in inappropriate clothing all the time with no respect for others and decency.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and looking sexy but there is something wrong with doing it in an inappropriate manner. Damn people, you would not walk into the CEO’s office where you work dressed in an way that is not appropriate for the job, , would you ?
To the no class skank that was on the news saying a 11 year old girl is dressed right in leggings… What the hell is wrong with you ?
Leggings are okay on a 5 year old I guess but once you start getting towards puberty your parents should have the common sense and concern to make sure you are dressed properly.
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Guess they do not mind if people are checking out that sweet young tight butt in them leggings !
You should have your children taken away from you.
As an adult , hey parade around with a string up your crack. I will be happy to check you out and have some nice indecent thoughts about you.
As an adult with a child you should have some kind of common sense about you. Why would you allow your daughter to be dressed in a way that showed off her stuff in public ? Do you not realize how revealing leggings are ? Are you rally that stupid ?
No, I suspect you are just as much of a hooker as you portrait your daughter to be.
You are a disgusting wretch that should not be allowed to have kids.

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