Pepsi Bows Down to Losers | Rant This Rev Marcus Killion

Peaceful Protesters

Pepsi pulls new commercial showing a protester giving a cop a Pepsi and the crowd cheers.
Okay then, the left wing nuts have cried once again and the big company, Pepsi, bowed down to losers. This is the problem Pepsi, you and others bow down to a small minority of losers that only whine because they know they can force you to do something. They have no cause. They are not upset. They are just trouble makers looking for someone to mess with. Most of them are simply followers running behind the bought and paid for George Soros trouble makers.

The lefties claim some crap about it is insensitive or just wrong and racist … What ?
Somehow they got “black violent protesters” out of this commercial.
Where from?
Last time I took a look Kendall Jenner was just a bit light to be black and on top of that the commercial was not full of black protesters. Look at the photo I posted.

In fact the trouble causers are really whining because the commercial did not show a bunch of black protesters being violent. They do not like that. They demand that violence and racism be promoted.

Well sorry losers but you get no sympathy from me when all you want to do is promote hate.

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So What is the Problem ?

One leftie said that the problem was that it was just real bad that they depicted that a simple act of kindness could quell the violent protesters. He did not use those exact words but that is exactly what his words meant. Problem with this is, see pic above . Note all the violent black people !

This guy compared this commercial to a black protester, eluding to violent protests, walking up and offering a cop a bottle of water. He made it to be a bad thing that the cop as he said , would simply stand there straight faced and basically ignore the protester and not accept the water.

So you idiot. What do you think a cop is supposed to do when he is in the middle of a potential riot situation? He would be fired or disciplined at the least if he took the water. His job is not to make friends during a protest where violence could happen.

Then again I say, ” look at the pic above” . No black protest going on here . No violence. This is what they are really complaining about.

The left just wants to cause trouble. Any good people that belong to the left should change parties. The liberals are bad people. They are not the Democrats that used to be. They live to incite violence and racism. It is how they keep people who are already down from ever rising up. Happy educated people can not be controlled and liberals are all about controlling lives for their profit.


What is Really in this Commercial ?

Now about the commercial from a reasonable point of view.
Kind of odd but obviously aimed at saying ” Hey, it is okay to protest but let us all do it peacefully and with respect for others”.

The left hates it when someone wants to quell the violent racism they promote.

Since when is it a bad thing to promote peace ?
Since when is it a bad thing to promote non violence ?
Since when is it a bad thing to promote non racism ?
Since when is it a bad thing to promote friendly relations with the cops ?

Since Liberals gained enough power to control those minorities that they hate so much but know how to brainwash and make them think they, the liberals, are their protectors and not their masters controlling them only for the votes.

STOP BOWING DOWN to these George Soros paid for loser people that have nothing else to do but stir up hatred and racism.

These people are experts at stirring up a crowd and turning them into a mad crowd. They get people “thinking” they have something to be mad about even if they really only have something to disagree with.

STOP THE HATE ! We don’t need any of it. This is America and we are all Americans.

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