Refugees Skyrocket Under Trump Admin | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Double the Terrorists Double the Fun

First off let me start by saying that not all Muslims are bad people by far. How ever the bad guys are using the refugee system to infiltrate countries and also the people that are highly prone to not hold American values are flooding in the country via this nonsense.

As usual you can not trust any politician and the President is no different than the rest. He is nothing but a puppet to the establishment and they just pulled his strings and put him in line. Refugees will skyrocket under the Trump Admin’s new actions.

WND has confirmed through a State Department spokesperson that the administration is set to more than double the number of terrorists “refugees” arriving in U.S. cities from the current 400 per week to 900 per week. Trump figures this is double the fun. I don’t think Americans are going to be very happy with Trump.

Get ready for it. Millions of Muslims from terrorist counties ( all Muslim countries) are going to be flooding in. You can bet your ass that they are going to be made up of almost entirely , at least 80% military age able bodied men.

Very few “refugees” are children and women. the vast majority have been men that should be fighting for their countries instead of running away and leaving the fighting to others, like us.

Thanks Trump you POS sell out!
Just another thing he has done to dishonor America.

He, like all the others are controlled by the big guys. He will do as he is told to do. trump will sell us all out at every opportunity to appease liberals and the right wing pandering wealth builders of congress.

Ever hear of War? Declare war on ISIS so we can arrest and permanently detain all people in USA that consort with terrorists. That would be thousands of them that the FBI has been watching but can do nothing until they actually try to kill people. As we have seen this has turned out quite bad on occasion. The FBI stops watching them and then they hit. Killing many people. This could be stopped by declaring formal war against our enemies.

War Trump. WAR ! Declare WAR on ISIS . Do the right thing.

Martial law. Ever hear of that Trump? Declare martial law because the security of America has been greatly compromised.

Not only would martial law stop the scourge of the Muslims but also stop the illegals from flooding in. The military could simply shoot to kill. Who cares what cry baby liberals think. Most of them could be detained under marshal law for their anti American activities.

This country has been on a down hill run since the 60’s when all them hippies or pussies as they were, refused to serve their country. This started a whole generation landslide of pussy anti American losers. This trend continues on.

Notice all them women and children ? Wait I think I see one woman but she could very well be a terrorist. The rest are all able bodied men of military age. Why do you think they are coming ?

Do you think they are all refugees? Better think again. The ones that are not terrorists are simply cowards. We don’t need any more cowards. We have several generations of cowards already.

On top of being cowards these men are the most horrible piles of garbage ever spawned by a simian. Evidently Satan himself had sex with the simian/humanoids and this is the result.

A bunch of “men” that run from their countries and leave their wives, kids and families behind to suffer at the hands of ISIS.

Why should we allow this trash in our country?

Bring them over and then execute them. That is a good option.

( The U.S. State Department is ramping up refugee admissions back to more normal levels after it had slowed to a trickle over the past…
If refugees are not enough to boil your blood then add more fuel by reading about Genuine trash on trial for murder.
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