Schumer, Lies, Health Care & Tax Reform | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion


Chuck Schumer Lies on This Week

When being asked about ACA this morning on< This Week with George Stephanopoulos, liberal liar and all around jerk of the left Chuck Schumer out right lies and  George does not call him out on it.


Chuck says in regards to TrumpCare being pulled that Trump said he was going to undermine Obamacare to make sure it failed. That is a lie. Trump said no such thing. What he did say was that he was dropping the issue and was going to let it fail on it’s own so that Democrats would own the ACA failure.
Chuck has a bad habit of lying. It is his regular speech and the media just won’t call him out on it. Of course he picks who he lies to so he does not get called out on it.

George is usually good at digging at the truth but when it comes to Chuck and the conversation is Trump he does not do his job.

Chuck did have some things to say that were real. When he talked about tax reform he made some good points. He also made a good point about TrumpCare when he said the people hated it. Only 17% of the people supported it. It gave huge money to insurance company execs.

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Democrats Own The Failure

This disaster is owned completely by Democrats. It had not one single Republican vote when passed. Pelosi and her band of elite wealthy bigots passed it behind closed doors. No Republicans were allowed in to contribute to the law.

Democrats know the ACA is going to fail. It can not survive without being fixed. Some people are paying up to 20x the deductible they paid before Obamacare came along. The insurance companies were losing 100’s of millions over it and dropping out of the system.
UnitedHealth expected to lose $850 million in 2016.

States are having trouble paying for all the costs put on them. Buying insurance is getting harder as the companies bail out. Many states only have one insurance company left.

One third of the counties in America will only have one insurance company for people to chose a plan from in 2017. This is a result of the big guys like Aetna and UnitedHealth pulling back.







The Great Success

The great success that Democrats claim is actually not all the great. A big 2.6% hike in people who have health insurance. That is the number as of 2016 and is a little higher now but not much. Most of those people were Latinos. They made up the majority of those who had no insurance. They also make up the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens and seasonal workers in the country and they were no doubt figured into the coverage claims even though not eligible.

These Latinos and some others were given special treatment by the Liberals in order to appease them and gain voters for their socialist party. Big unions that represent them were able to opt out of Obamacare along with everyone from Obama on down the line in government.

The Big Victory

Schumer and Pelosi both declared Democrat victory over Republicans when the bill was pulled. As usual the lies spew from their mouths to fill the ears of the puppets they call their voter base. They had no part in this “victory”.

The “victory” was just the Republicans pulling a badly designed bill instead of voting on it. Not voting on it was the right thing to do. The bill really was a POS  and trump should have never even thought about trying to pass it on us. Democrats could do nothing at all to stop a vote on the bill. So their claim to victory is just a fantasy to feed to their puppets.

The problem with Democrats when it comes to health care or anything else for that matter is that they see success as “passing ” a bill no matter how bad it is or adding people to the welfare roll and not actually doing something useful.


Tax Reform Tied to Health care

Tax reform is on but has no chance of ever happening. It was 1983 I believe the last time any tax reform was able to pass. This is because special interests lobby congress to not pass it. They get too many benefits from the tax laws as they are and will spend billions paying off congressmen to make sure their cash cow does not die.

Tax reform can not happen without health care reform. Chuck Schumer has made it clear that Democrats will not allow health care to be reformed. He went as far as blaming Republicans for this. I would say he is delusional but that is not correct as he is calculated in his lies.

The reason tax reform needs health care reform is because of all the taxes that pay for Obamacare. To make taxes lower you need to fund things in other ways. Obamacare is sucking the life out of our funds and taxing everyone and every business it can. This is causing massive increases in the cost of health care.


Tax Reform Can’t Happen

Really does not matter. Even if Obamacare is repealed tax reform simply can not happen. Most of congress is in the pockets of lobbyists. They will never allow taxes to be made fair. Democrats are the biggest opponents to tax reform.

Democrats hate tax reform. This is because of their system of power. They can not control their voter base if that base has money. They want only them (the wealthy) to have money. Money means education and better living and that is counter productive to socialism which is the core of the Liberal party platform.

Democrats were taken over by liberals long ago. They hold power by oppressing people. Keep them on welfare and uneducated and you can control them.

Tax reform does not help the liberal cause. It gives more money to the people. It gives more money to small business. It gives more money to the country.

Reforming the tax code is a monumental task. Made more difficult by Obamacare. It can be started without killing off the ACA but it can not be done properly. The massive taxes levied on industry in Obamacare have to go.


We Need a Simple Tax Method

We the people can scream all day long that we should not have to pay someone to do our taxes. That it should be as simple as filing one piece of paper. “I made this. I owe that” . Nothing more or less. It should be no more difficult than a 1040EZ form for everyone.

The Federal tax code is a whopping 74,608 pages. That is 187 times larger than it was in 1913.
In 1984 the code was 26,300 pages long. It is now three times that .
This massive tax mess is caused by things like giving our money to every cause imaginable. Things like Obama insanity incentives for building any “green” things that are doomed to fail to paying for 7/8 of a Chevy electric car, that was pile of crap so people would buy it.

All this nonsense has turned the IRS into a super agency that operates by duplicating every cabinet agencies operations. Things like energy, education, HUD and HHS are all duplicated by the IRS.

Our money used against us and totally wasted. It is no different than paying your doctor for treating you and also cutting a check to the other doctor for treating you even tough he did nothing. We only need one.

We will get health care and tax reform at the same time they audit the Fed. So don’t hold your breath. Expect any ideas of that to be attacked by Chick Schumer and Pelosi with their usual lies but they will not be alone in this battle. Both sides will fight to keep this from happening.

By the way, auditing the Fed is another thing stopped by elite congress wealth builders. They do not want you to know that they have destroyed our country by paying out to their friends in the way of contacts and other stuff that makes all of them wealthy. Auditing the Fed would destroy some of them wealth building jerks in the Government and no doubt put many in prison.

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