Obama Wire Tap, Gone too Far | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

There comes a time when you just must RANT !

I don’t rant much, only 20 to 30 times a day. The rest of the day I spend screaming about stuff. Just wait till I open my You Tube Channel. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now on to that guy in the White House:

President Trump needs to get a grip. Sometimes taking things too far is not a good idea and the rest of the time it is probably not a good idea. The whole Obama wire tap thing has gone too far and is causing problems.

Too Far :

So where did too far start? Well you need to go back a little and examine what went on to bring this about.

Okay so Obama and his gang of merry liars led by the notorious queen of all lies, Hilary Clinton, got all mad and threw a temper tantrum because they lost the election.

They lost the election because their voters finally figured out that Hilary has a bad habit of out right lying. Not only that but she gets caught and still refuses to admit it. Going on to lie again about her lies. People do not like that.

Then DNC is hacked and their emails are posted on Wikileaks exposing them as the hateful racist bigots that they are. Their own words toward their voter base ( black and brown) brought them down.

So now you get the temper tantrum. Lies from the Hilary crowd. They blame Trump for {the Russians} hacking into their emails. No evidence. No proof. No reason to blame Trump.

That is okay for them but they cry if others do it.

When that does not fly and their own people say it is nonsense they go for the people Trump had in his campaign. Now they consorted with the Russians to help elect Trump.

Their own people again say this did not happen. This how ever does not stop them from keeping up the nonsense.

Just admit it ! The DNC is a bunch of lying racist bigots that have nothing on their minds but power and they use minorities as props.

So on to Trump……

I get it. He had every right to go after Obama and do exactly to them what they did to him. He simply turned it around and said Obama had his phones tapped to try and turn the election for Hilary.

So the shoe is on the other foot. Liberals do not like wearing that shoe as usual. they just cry and keep up the lies. ” If you lie enough for long enough you can convince people that it is the truth” that is their philosophy.

Focus Time

But enough is enough and we have more important things to concentrate on. Trump needs to focus.

The top Dems and Reps have already come out and said there was NO surveillance on Trump during the election.

Trump made his point although I think most people do not get it. it was revenge. Getting back at the liars. Using their own tactic on them.

If Trump does not stop now it is going to only damage the Republicans and him. Let it go and find something else that is real to attack them on. It is not hard to find something.

The Socialist Moron from Germany

Oh, on another note, good job on that disgusting wretch from Germany who was once considered a conservative and then turned far left liberal when she found it could benefit her more { left is all about themselves and no one else }. She is a bigot deluxe.

Wasting their entire budget to bring in “refugees” , you know mostly military age men that if they were not terrorists and other bad people, would be fighting for their countries, not running away and leaving their families .

While this loser wastes away every dime Germany has plus much more she ignores her obligations to pay her 2% to NATO. 2%, that is right , and she does not pay up and chastises us.

2% is not nearly enough in the first place.

Trump put the bigot in her place. Also made a nice statement in the process about the lies and hypocrisy from Obama. Saying that he {Trump} and the German bigot has something in common, they both had been wire tapped by Obama.

Yep in case you missed it Obama got caught wire tapping her communications along with others in the German government.

Oh well anyway, knock it off Trump. Get on with doing something important. The Obama wire tap has gone too far already so jsut let the senate investigate and come up with the evidence.

You need to read. Reading is important. So why not read something that is important like France and the Liberal Anti Freedom Movement . Abortion is not to be opposed in France.

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