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Impeachment is Warranted

A couple things going on here..
This horrendous content may not be suitable for children . Rachel the mad cow apologizes for showing it but says the disgusting truth must be put out to the public.
First – OMG ! The crime of the century has occurred. We must repeal and replace Trump now! Impeachment is warranted for sure.
Just in BREAKING NEWS ! Trump tax return is shown on the Rachel Mad Cow Show . The fiery lying lesbian liberal { LLL} with a lousy mad attitude {LMA} i.e. incurable diseases , has just shown the damning evidence to prove that Trump is unfit to hold office.
Behold his 2005 tax return !
Well 2 pagers of it, but it proves he is a horrible person and a major criminal. Watch the video Rachel so heroically posted even though she knows her life could be in danger for defying the evil Trump. Woops , that is Clinton that seems to have all his foes come up dead. My bad.
Anyway watch this Revealing Video That proves Trump is up to no good.


  1. He worked hard and smart to make a great income of $150 million ( illegal under liberal law unless you are a liberal elite )

      2.Then he has the gall to pay $38 million in taxes ! ( illegal under liberal law unless you are a liberal. Otherwise you must pay 99% of your income)

That is only a tax rate of 24%.  Who does that? Oh , yes, all the elite liberals. 

Oh, one big difference between Trump and the other real estate moguls – He pays more taxes than they do. 24% is considered high in the world of real estate.


The Media Demand Answers

The White House said, Trump made a “large-scale” write-off for construction losses in 2005, in response to questions from greatly concerned reporters that only want the nasty truth about the trump criminal empire to be exposed.
He also paid “millions of dollars in other taxes such as sales and excise taxes and employment taxes,” an official said, without giving further details on the matter. AH HA ! No further details on the taxes that Trump paid out. That proves even more illegal activity. What other taxes did Trump pay that they are trying to hide?
That is a whole lot of law abiding, tax paying going on here and the liberal media will get to the bottom of it no matter how long it takes.

How bad is he? Lets find out.

So her we go with the part where I get to rant . . . 

Taking advantage of the tax laws

Doing what federal law requires him to do as a business man. Taking advantage of the tax laws. Fed law states that any CEO must take every tax advantage and other measures to make sure they are taking care of the companies share holders. This must be done. Otherwise not only can you be sued by the share holders but you might just find yourself to be an honored guest of the Feds for a while.

Yes libs, it is a federal crime NOT to take advantage of the tax laws. You know the ones you helped write. The ones you and the liberal socialist elite use to pay less taxes on your big incomes. Sorry, I forgot you only make a fortune. That is why the evil Trump is so bad, he makes a big fortune.

How about we dig into the tax returns from the elite socialists and see what they are up to? What is that you say, you want to talk about something else instead. The big Trump scandal ? Okay we will allow you to dodge the matter and go back to phony scandal.

Here is what the genius reporter from DCReport had to say about the Donald “Donald Trump is paid like a member of the 0.001%. He pays taxes like the 99%. But he’d like to pay like the bottom 50%”. He went on to ramble about how Trump is far wealthier than most , but not all people in America. He did not want to comment on who the others are since they are the extremely wealthy liberals. These liberals are of course exempt for scrutiny.

The reporter also said that the “super wealthy couple {Trump and Melania} can manipulate and manage our complex tax laws to reduce their obligations. (but not quite as that would be illegal)

WOW ! Imagine that kind of power being used by other people when filing taxes. Total mayhem would break out and the entire world would fall into chaos. No other person in the USA has ever tried to use the tax laws to their advantage. Nope, only the Donald would dare to take a deduction that he is legally able and in the case of business taxes is obligated to take. Evil Evil Evil , Bad Trump.


Here is what the White house had to say

“Despite this substantial income figure and tax paid,” the White House said in a statement, “the dishonest media can continue to make this part of their agenda, while the President will focus on his, which includes tax reform that will benefit all Americans.”

Now you went and pissed of the Lying Liberal Machine {LLM}. they will not put p with this honesty crap any longer.  “There will be no focus on things that the American people really care about !”  says one leader of the LLM. ” We demand and will have the attention focused on our phony made up lying scandals and not on your agenda of ruining this country with your [Make America Great Again] nonsense. ”

Watch this exclusive video of the LLM trying to pull attention away from important real matters and back to their phony scandals.


This 2 page 1040 form is most likely not the entire tax record from the Evil Trump’s 2005 highly illegal activities says another LLM reporter. ” We know there must be more pages to this. Yes, we are stupid morons but even we can see this is a bit short on information”

So where is all the information about important things? Information that would surely change every American citizens lives if they only knew it . Well we do not know. Trump has obviously hidden that information real good so no one can ever see it.

What is missing ? Seems a lot of stuff. How about where that money came from . No doubt it was bribes from the vicious Russian Dictator Putin or maybe Mid East Kings.

Another source of his great wealth is believed by the DCReport reporter to be from wealthy golf players playing on Trumps golf courses. This , if true would be a monumental evil conspiracy to overthrow all world governments. Trump must be stopped !

Only right wing elite evil doers play golf says the LLM. Woops again. Seems the Left is quite fond of golf. What are they up to? A little conspiracy with Trump to overthrow the world ? I think so. Just check this out:

We just found this leaked picture that was taken at the Golfers for World Domination meeting :

Obama and Biden Playing golf

Absolute proof that the right wing elite and the left wing elite are conspiring with Trump . The LLM is leaving this important information out of their reports.  Why do they (the LLM) wan to hide the truth from the world ? Why do they only blame it on Trump when they know the left is on it as well ?

Okay this part is real :

This video was scrubbed from the Internet by the Obama police and uber wealthy garbage along with their master Soros.

This is the garbage that funds the liberals and their rioting , racist protesters, George Soros . He is ruling factor in the left wing media wars on the right and most of the mayhem perpetrated by left wing activists.

For an in depth view of his behavior and power to manipulate the worlds economies even to the point of economic failure of countries, watch video from 60 Minutes. This guy admitting to being a horrible person and extreme racist. The leader of the liberal party and the one who funds all their Anti American values and pulls the strings on the elite puppets of the party. He is also the reason the Democrat Party turned socialist and gained the expertise to fool minorities into think they ( the Liberals ) are their protectors.

This lump of socialist putrid bile took part in the theft of property from Jews during the Holocaust when he was 14 along with his appointed Godfather. Soros is a Jew and faked being a Christian to keep from getting killed . He is very proud of taking their wealth while they were on their way to death camps.

Soros makes it very clear in the interview that it did not really bother him at all. He said he was 14 years old, and that’s when his character was formed.

Soros: I would say that that’s when my character was made. It was a tremendous threat of evil. It was a very personal experience of evil.  

Soros: It created no problem at all.

Kroft: No feeling of guilt?

Soros: No.

Kroft: Do you believe in God?

Soros: No.

Kroft: Soros told us God was created by man, not the other way around. 

Soros has passed this ” character” on to the Liberal Elite. Including the great Liberal failure and evil spawn of Satan , Hilary Clinton.

Hilary Clinton and George Soros

Gee , who is that on the balcony ?




Now on to this tax return being released and published

The big problem in this leak of information stuff is that the press can not be held accountable for knowingly publishing stolen documents. there is the first and main problem. Freedom of the press. Freedom should not include participation in felonies. Why this is allowed is no doubt due to liberals on the Supreme Court. They are the usual cause of the constitution giving people the right to do what they should not be able to do.

The person who stole the documents is in violation of the law but it is only a slap on the wrist. This needs to change. It should be a minimum 30 year sentence to steal any documents that deal with a persons identity or their confidential financial matters. How ever making this a crime with a punishment that fits will not happen because liberals will never vote yes on any bill that would give a big sentence to crimes that their group loves to commit.

To close I want to give a big THANK YOU to Rachel Maddow for showing us that she IS as stupid of a moron as everyone thought when she showed us the Trump tax return on her Mad Cow Show. She has proven that Trump obeys the law when it comes to paying taxes and better yet that Trump pays more taxes than the average real estate mogul.


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