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How do You Reduce Costs

Want to reduce the cost of health care? Then more people need to buy insurance. Since that is never going to happen as young people need to sign up for this you we will need to make it nice and cheap. So why is health care not affordable and how do we fix it ?
Why Don’t People Sign Up ?

1. They don’t need it
2. It is expensive and they have other things to pay for
3. They are already being forced to buy auto insurance
4. Auto insurance is very expensive

So What to Do?

Pass a law on insurance . Take a look at this Consumer Affairs article Insurance companies make billions from investing the money that you pay to them. You get absolutely nothing in return unless an accident happens. This is just another example of wealth building on the backs of the working class.

We must first get rid of the “no return on your investment” thing. Insurance companies should have to give back 50% of your premium every year if you do not use it. They make their money and should return yours like any other company would if you returned a product you did not use. They should not have to return it all as they did provide you a service in the way of protection for what might happen. The rates charged are totally out of line though and that justifies the return.
Drop the rates and no return would be required.

Sure they will scream and cry but that is just greed weeping.

The law would have to govern what they can charge. This should not be a problem since the service is forced by the government both local and federal. This is not like telling Walmart what they can charge for a product. The Gov does not force you to buy from Walmart. If we are forced to buy a product then the government should have some control over the pricing of it. Electric and Gas Service  anyone? Seems they can control that with no problems.


Curb the Insurance Company Losses

Next, to curb the losses the insurance companies will take we will need to give them something else to make it up with. Quite easy. There is a whole bunch of money they should not be paying out. Get rid of the wasted expenditures and insurance companies will have incentive to lower rates. How about starting by not making them pay for hysterectomies for men ! Yep insurance must cover that under Obamacare.

Most people might not realize what happens when a insurance company pays out on a claim. Everyone pays for that claim. This is one reason Why ObamaCare Caused Rate Hikes. If you take away from insurance companies whether it be by paying claims or regulations,  they just raise rates on everyone to cover their losses. Being greedy like most big wealth they will not willfully take any cut in their paycheck.

So to fix this:

The biggest thing I can think of is floods.

There are currently more than 5.1 million Policies in Force across more than 22,000 communities in the United States.

From 2006 to 2015, total flood insurance claims averaged $1.9 billion per year.

Since 1978, the NFIP has paid nearly $52 billion for flood insurance claims and related costs. (Data as of 2/25/16.) That would be FEMA. Another problem link in the chain.

Simply stop paying out on flood damage to all them people that live in a flood zone that floods almost every year. These people are the main cause of wasted money in floods. They know it is going to happen and yet they rebuild. We should not be funding their insanity.

Every time a river floods over, you know, the same old places, the insurance pays out and FEMA pays out . Then you see all the “victims” on the news saying ” Well I will just rebuild” and then go onto crying about how slow the handout is going and trashing the government for not doing enough.

Screw them. Cut them off from all aid. Make them take out a loan if they want to keep rebuilding in the flood zone. I have no pitty for them at all and neither should anyone else.

You know what ? If I walked out my front door and stepped on a nail that was sticking out of a board on my porch, I would remove it.
Not these flood people. They would step on it everyday and file an insurance claim to pay their doctor bill.

FEMA gives them tax payer money. We should not be paying for this. That money can go to other things like lowering our tax rates so we have more money to buy health insurance.

Insurance companies pay out to these morons every year and we pick up the tab in the form of higher premiums for every kind of insurance.

Stop the madness and stop the flood payments to anyone that rebuilds in a flood area.

1.9 billion a year is a lot to pay. Insurance companies do not pay that money. You do every time you make a payment for any kind of insurance.


Step number two:

Make insurance fraud of any kind a mandatory 30 year prison sentence with no parole or good time credits. They certainly deserve it. The punishment for crimes is way out of line.  They toss people in prison for many years over petty stuff that could be better served another way. Yet they allow people to rape the tax payers and get a slap on the hand for doing it.

Common sense measures will allow people to be able to afford health insurance and that will pay for the coverage for everyone. This health care for everyone can not ever work unless most people buy insurance and do it without the rest of the people picking up the tab for what the others can not pay.

When that is done do something about Big Pharma raping us all in America with their outrageous prices. We pay for all the world to get their medicine at very cheap rates. This needs to stop.

Can you imagine the outrage that would happen if a small American manufacturer of retail goods sold a product in America for $100.00 and offered it to Canada customers for $20.00 ?

The crap would hit the fan hard. Congress would be all over them. All sorts of consumer rights groups would be on it. The media would be all over it.

Yet congress is helpless to stop the big Pharma companies. Well not helpless. They just get paid enough to not do anything about it.

So that is a little part of why health care is not affordable and how we can fix it. A lot of complicated stuff goes on in the HC laws. My guess is that it is far too late to ever fix it right and congress is just going to make it worse.

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