Month: March 2017

Chuck Schumer & the Nuclear Option | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

Schumer & the Crying Liberals 

Chuck Schumer did as other Democrats have been doing lately and cried about the nuclear option. They say it is wrong to use it. Republicans are playing dirty even talking about it.

Well Chuck, seems you forget to tell Americans just who made that rule and who has used it against who. Maybe you forgot so I will refresh your memory.

The nuclear option was enacted by Democrats. The nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of 60 votes that it normally takes.

It stems from the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings.  It has been changed here and there along the way. Nixon when he was Vice President gave an opinion on it so Libs think that makes it a Republican idea but Nixon said it was only his opinion and not a rule.

Liberals like the infamous Barack Hussein Obama demanded that it be used against Republicans. Read more

Schumer, Lies, Health Care & Tax Reform | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion


Chuck Schumer Lies on This Week

When being asked about ACA this morning on< This Week with George Stephanopoulos, liberal liar and all around jerk of the left Chuck Schumer out right lies and  George does not call him out on it.


Chuck says in regards to TrumpCare being pulled that Trump said he was going to undermine Obamacare to make sure it failed. That is a lie. Trump said no such thing. What he did say was that he was dropping the issue and was going to let it fail on it’s own so that Democrats would own the ACA failure.
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Are You the Product of Incest | Rant This



Who Mad Who

If we go to the beginning of creation, in the Old Testament we find that God “Yahweh Elohim” ( meaning “Lord God” ) created man to be of his image and to relate to Him.
Yahweh Elohim

Yahweh is the name of God as given to Moses at the burning tree.

Elohim means to fear as in “the highest being to be feared”.



If you do not have a bible to follow along I would suggest the King James version.
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Obama Wire Tap, Gone too Far | Rant This by Rev Marcus Killion

If you are sensitive to opinions that you disagree with then do not read this !

There comes a time when you just must RANT !

I don’t rant much, only 20 to 30 times a day. The rest of the day I spend screaming about stuff. Just wait till I open my You Tube Channel. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now on to that guy in the White House:

President Trump needs to get a grip. Sometimes taking things too far is not a good idea and the rest of the time it is probably not a good idea. The whole Obama wire tap thing has gone too far and is causing problems.

Too Far :

So where did too far start? Well you need to go back a little and examine what went on to bring this about.

Okay so Obama and his gang of merry liars led by the notorious queen of all lies, Hilary Clinton, got all mad and threw a temper tantrum because they lost the election.
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Genuine Trash on Trial for Murder | Rant This by Reverend Marcus Killion

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Genuine Trash

Well it seems there is no shortage of trash in Kansas. The pile gets bigger every day but I just do not have the time to keep up with it. Any way here is another lump to add to the garbage heap.

These two losers were arrested on suspicion of murder. They went to meet a home owner under the guise of wanting to rent a house from him. What they really wanted to do was murder him for his money.  After being let in the rental home they stabbed 86 year old Otto Meyer to death. Not for a a fortune but only to steal his old pick up truck and his check book.


The usual type of people who do this sort of thing are narcotics junkies. they will kill anyone for a couple bucks to get another pill. Occasionally the meth heads do it also and of course blacks are quite well known for murdering for a little of nothing.

So here we got a white guy and latina. Not your typical murdering duo. I am guessing narcotics. I have known quite a few narcotics junkies that murdered their girl friends, mothers and grand mothers just to take their prescriptions or the little bit of money they had on them. Typical murder is done with knives and hammers how ever one person I knew killed his girl, Lynn, with a screw driver to take her bottle of pills.

I got nothing against people getting high but anyone strung on narcotics should just be put down. In general they are broken and can not be fixed. A few can be fixed but not worth the time to weed them out. While we are at it might as well put down all the crack heads and most of the meth heads.

Here is you on the dope you can not handle –

If you can’t abuse it don’t use it but if you can’t do it and not become an addicted moron then don’t abuse it because you are to weak minded to be doing drugs.


These losers, like most addicted morons thought they were slick. So smart they are. They call up a guy about renting his house and then show up in front of all the neighbors and murder. Then drive off with his truck and try and cash a check of his. Probably took it to his bank, you know the one he has been going to for decades. Yep these genius’ probably thought no one would notice they were not an 86 year old.

First off you dumb asses, when you make a phone call it leaves a record of you and the person you called. Did they not teach you that in petty criminal 101 ?

You two are too stupid to be let loose on our streets. Extreme stupidity should be a death penalty offense.

Can we get an IQ test at age 5 and put down anyone that does not pass?

My prediction is girl testifies against guy. Amazing this is even allowed to be a factor in her sentencing as they both played an equal part. She will get no more than 12 maybe 15 years.

Guy will get most likely life or a 15 to 20 or some other nonsense that is going to end up netting him a grand total of 12 years in prison.

Just kill them on the court house steps after conviction and save us some money.


Special Interest Trash

Always keep in mind that the “liberals” I rant about are almost exclusively rich white politicians and a few that are people of color. I am not particularly ranting about the average citizen as they are the target of these politicians who use them for their political gains.

The problem with this garbage is it just keeps getting tossed back out on the streets.

Here is some genuine trash that is on trial for murder. The kind of trash that Liberals demand we treat with respect. The kind of trash that will do 10 or 12 years in prison while some person gets 20 years for a non violent crime. The kind of person Obama pardoned when he left office. The kind of person that Liberals will call you a racist over if you say anything bad about him. Yet when you say something bad about other trash they remain silent because that is not conducive to their pandering.

The kind of person that liberals want to get special sentencing treatment because all he did was murder a white man. Had it been the other way around, liberals would demand white man never see the light of day again. 

Of course this is not what liberals really think. They actually hate this man just because of his race. Liberals are the biggest bigots out there and have mastered the art of brainwashing.
They use pandering as a tool to keep people under their thumb. These people just do not realize they are being used by liberal politicians. 

Keep in mind a few things about Liberals. The original haters and oppressors. The ones who fought to keep slavery. The founders of the KKK. The ones who fought civil rights. The ones who whitewashed all references to their atrocities from the history books your kids get in school.

Well I guess some of them figured it out as they dumped Hilary.

This is the liberals at work pandering to their main voter base which is the criminal element. They need them types of people to vote or they will not be elected. There are not enough decent people supporting them. This is why they want all felons to be able to vote even while still in prison.

This loser thug has no right to live on our dime nor to ever be set free for the atrocious crime he perpetrated upon an innocent man and his wife. This is of course if he actually committed the crime and is found guilty.

Anyone who would murder someone just to take their car is a total pile of garbage and should be put to death.

In fact if a person is convicted of major crimes of any kind more than 3 times they should be put in prison for mandatory life. They are either a career criminal that will never contribute anything to society or they are simply too stupid to be on the streets. If you can not get away with your crimes then you are too stupid to be doing them.

What Does God Say

Let God guide the conscience of the jurors and judge. For God knows how to deal with those of this kind and he has made it clear that this man must die for his crime and die at the hand of man.

In Genisis 9:6 God spoke to Noah about shedding the blood of man. It was in a speech about eating the flesh but still holds pertinence. 
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

Leviticus 24:17 
And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death

God says in Numbers 35:30 and 31 
“Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person [to cause him] to die.
Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which [is] guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death.”

and so it should be in the life of this thug. So shall he die for his sin against God’s child; if not by man who choses to ignore the commands of God then by God in the end when he is held accountable for his actions; for though his earthly body is not put to death by God his sole shall die, suffering eternal damnation.

The liberals will surely shield this thug from death as they are known to do. They think it is racist to make a non white person pay for his crimes. The death penalty rarely is put forth upon a black person as most states that have it { Kansas } will over turn the death penalty law or the sentence of the man before death is carried out. Carr brothers anyone?

But not to fear as God will make his sole die and forever suffer.

God may have mercy on his sole but not likely.

The thug will no doubt turn to God while in jail as most of them do while waiting to go to trial. Maybe even in prison if they think they have a chance of parole. But it is fake and God knows fake when he sees it.

I can’t count all the idiots I saw in jail that tried the ” I found God ” defense. Almost all who are facing big time. Might work on Liberals but not on God.

In New Jersey court on Wednesday, Jamie Friedland spoke about the night she witnessed her husband David’s murder in 2013.

Want more ranting to rot your brain? All you need to do is read Trump Accomplishments Since Taking Office . Liberals just hate it when you post about Republicans doing better then them.

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Trump 2005 tax return

Trump Tax Return on Rachel Mad Cow Show | Rant This

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Impeachment is Warranted

A couple things going on here..
This horrendous content may not be suitable for children . Rachel the mad cow apologizes for showing it but says the disgusting truth must be put out to the public.
First – OMG ! The crime of the century has occurred. We must repeal and replace Trump now! Impeachment is warranted for sure.
Just in BREAKING NEWS ! Trump tax return is shown on the Rachel Mad Cow Show . The fiery lying lesbian liberal { LLL} with a lousy mad attitude {LMA} i.e. incurable diseases , has just shown the damning evidence to prove that Trump is unfit to hold office.
Behold his 2005 tax return !
Well 2 pagers of it, but it proves he is a horrible person and a major criminal. Watch the video Rachel so heroically posted even though she knows her life could be in danger for defying the evil Trump. Woops , that is Clinton that seems to have all his foes come up dead. My bad.
Anyway watch this Revealing Video That proves Trump is up to no good.


  1. He worked hard and smart to make a great income of $150 million ( illegal under liberal law unless you are a liberal elite )

Read more

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Successful Liars | Rant This

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“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
Abraham Lincoln

This is why liberals get into so much scandal. They never stop lying even when outright caught on video doing it. Hilary Clinton is a fine example of a ” holier than thou” lying evil spawn of Satan. She gets caught lying and even making up outrageous tales that everyone knows is BS fantasy disillusioned garbage.

Yet on she goes with the lying and deceit. Never learning her lesson. Never admitting she has lied. Never even realizing that her fault lies within her own heart and that her memory like all others is flawed. She may not even know that she can’t keep her lies straight. She may know and just does not care because people that support her could care less if she lies to them. Brainwashed puppets from the audience at the Masters of Puppets show.

The successful liars will never stop no matter how many times they get caught. Their voter base just keeps on standing up for them and never seems to mind if they are being lied to even when the lies ar about murdering American citizens and blaming the matter on innocent people.

Wow check out this major event in lying ! Nancy Pelosi is caught red handed. She said she NEVER met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak but what is this? Looks just like a picture of Pelosi and her non existent meeting with Sergy.


Seems someone forgot to cover her ass ! Oh wait that is her face. My bad.




Claire seems to have a bit of a lying problem also or maybe she just forgot about this meeting:

woops !



Well there are so many of these liars i do not have enough web space to post them all.

Want to read some more rants? Well try out this one on crappy tech service Computer Depot LLc . Wichita,Ks Pawnee st store


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Health Care Why it is Not Affordable & How to Fix it | Rant This

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How do You Reduce Costs

Want to reduce the cost of health care? Then more people need to buy insurance. Since that is never going to happen as young people need to sign up for this you we will need to make it nice and cheap. So why is health care not affordable and how do we fix it ?
Why Don’t People Sign Up ?

1. They don’t need it
2. It is expensive and they have other things to pay for
3. They are already being forced to buy auto insurance
4. Auto insurance is very expensive

So What to Do?
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Iraq soldier dragging terrorist

Iraqi Forces battle ISIS for Mosul

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Iraqi Forces Give Proper Treatment to Terrorist

Iraqi forces battle ISIS for Mosul and it is a bloody hard battle that will take a long time. It was over ran by Isis and was their major stronghold. Not any more. It seems that Iraqi forces are not constrained by the nonsense rules that US forces must fight with. Iraq knows how to win a war and how to treat a terrorist. { I hear the liberals crying for the fair treatment of the poor terrorists}.

God’s wrath is great. He will punish the evil doers.

What Does the Bible Say About Wrath Of God?

Romans 1:18

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

and God said to the unholy ISIS “I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them.”

EAT THIS you Godless liberals; your coddling of terrorists is over:

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Make America Great Again

Trump Accomplishments Since Taking Office | Rant This

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President Trump’s Accomplishments 

When President Trump ran for office he made a lot of promises. All presidents do and rarely is any of them promises kept and most are broken outright.

President Trump has broken the mold of dishonesty and delivered upon his promises, at least as much as he is allowed to do under law. Some things will require congress and others face legal challenges from those who oppose his pro American standpoint.

Even with all the hoopla and phony scandals from the Hilary side, the CIA hacking the DNC and blaming Russia and the investigations into Trump campaign staff there are still plenty of things getting done.

Here is a list and commentary on President Trump’s Accomplishments so far.
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Aborted babies are still alive

France and the Liberal Anti Freedom Movement | Rant This

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France and the Liberal Anti Freedom Movement

Authored by Reverend Father Marcus Killion

Abortions – Don’t Dare to Disagree

France is on a pathway to becoming even worse than it already is for freedom loving people. Especially those who love God. More and more laws are being passed that prohibit anyone from exercising their rights to protest unjust laws and treatment. Citizens are being warned about abortions and to not dare to disagree with the governments views.

France has already become a socialized liberal failure. This failure is the same path liberals have for the USA . Obama tried to import it and did succeed a little by way of convincing his minions that socialism is good and France has a great economic plan. Problem is France is economic disaster.

Now on to France’s policies that discriminate against anyone who dares to disagree with the overlords in power.
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